Monday, October 13, 2008

Beautiful Weather weekend

This weekend we had such wonderful weather and we wanted to take complete advantage of it. I am also stealing Kristi's top 5 idea because truthfully, I hate typing out long posts.

  1. Friday night Ashley came over and Taylor went to the football game with Aunt Lacey while I paid some bills and swept out my car.
  2. Saturday was Taylor's dance class and then I went to sweep out Mike's car (they both needed done really bad.) As I was putting Taylor's carseat back in a bee stung my neck, have I mentioned I'm allergic? Yea, not fun!
  3. Saturday evening after sleeping off a benedryl we went to the spaghetti dinner at our church then headed to my parents so Mike could sleep off his illness. The night was finished with a bonfire.
  4. Sunday we went to a birthday party for a little girl from daycare. The girls raced slot cars while mommy and daddy got the keys out of the trunk, I accidently locked them in there and Mike didn't even kill me (you know I would have wanted to kill him. Isn't it great we are complete opposites?)
  5. After the party we took the girls to the park and Taylor did the monkey bars by herself for the first time. We finished it off with a walk (Taylor rode her bike) around the block.

How was your weekend?

Btw, I have no pictures because I thought I left my camera at home. Turns out it was in my purse the whole time. I am so disappointed in myself.


Kristi said...

Thanks for playing. I remember the first time I saw Noah cross the monkey bars by himself...I was blown away by it. Now, I wish he would stick with that instead of climbing on top and then swing around over them and dropping down. Takes my breath away every time I see it. the bees and mosquitos were bad here all weekend too but I hope you feel better soon from the sting.

KC said...

Oh no sorry about the bee, hope Mike is feeling better also.
Sounds like a fun weekend well beside the keys in the trunk thing and the bee sting.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Ouch! Sorry about the bee sting! I do love bonfires though. We have those often! Have a super week. (:

Andrea said...

Whew...what a weekend! Hopefully you're feeling better from that bee bite too!

Shana said...

That is one way to make a week-end fly!

I hope the sting is feeling better. And I had to smile at #4, Josh and I are complete opposites too, only you and Josh seem more alike. :o)