Thursday, September 11, 2008

We all have our opinions, but

let's put them aside for a day. Whether you support the war or our President or not, you cannot deny that every American was affected by the 9/11 attacks 7 years ago. Maybe you know someone who lost their life that day or maybe you know someone who volunteered to rescue or clean up the tragedy that happened. Maybe you were like me and were affected in none of the previous ways, but were in complete shock that this happened to your home.

It is definitely one of those days that I will never forget where I was when it happened much like my mom will never forget where she was when she heard JFK had been assassinated. And for that every year that I have this blog I will account for it here. If you read here last year you've heard it, but you're about to hear it again.

I watched my nephew for my sister who had just turned 1 exactly two weeks before this horrendous attack took place. He had gotten up really early that morning so I was trying to get him to take an early morning nap so that I could too. It wasn't happening for about an hour and then just as he was drifting off the phone rang and woke him up, I wanted to kill my sister. She asked me to turn on the TV because she heard that we were being attacked by terrorists and wanted to see what the news anchors had to say. I sat with my nephew on my lap drinking his milk in complete shock. I told her what was going on and then we hung up. I sat and held him and cried and then I continued to watch in horror the rest of the day.

My mom called and said that she had left work early because the place where she worked was close to the air base in Ohio and the plane that crashed in PA before turning around was thought to be headed there. I packed up my nephew and headed to my mom's. I wasn't sure what to do in a situation like this, I was scared and responsible for another life who was not my child. We all made it through that day, but it is definitely a day I will never forget.

How did it affect you? What were your thoughts, feelings, emotions?


AZMom said...

I remember it well too. We didn't hear about it until we dropped Bug off at daycare. At first we thought it was in Chicago but later learned the truth. I was in shock and called several members of our family. We were not allowed to leave our office but we had TVs on all day. Watching those tower fall again and again on the TV was like a living nightmare. I will never forget it. I should have worn my twin tower pin today. I completely spaced it.

In other news, we do have a dx for Busy Boy. It's on my blog today. We have a long road ahead of us but I pray that we can find something that works for him.

Mimi's Toes said...

I remember like it was yesterday. I was at my desk at work when everyone ran to our conference room to turn on the t.v. and watch. I was frozen in my chair and just remember praying. As I was driving to work this morning, the radio station had a silent prayer and I felt chills as I was looking up to the heavens remembering.

My Wonderful Men said...

I'm like you, I remember that day so well in my mind. Everything I did min. by min. I could tell it to you like it was yesterday.

I knew or know people who live in two of the places that were affected, NYC and the other works in the Pentagon. It was a terrible waiting game to know are they dead or alive.

Shana said...

I posted my memories about that day today on my blog. It seems hard to believe that it was SEVEN years ago. Caleb was only 2! WOW!

Kristi said...

My husband and I had been trying for about six months to get pregnant with no luck. I sat watching the footage that night for the first time since I had been teaching all day, and I was crying and trying to decided whether I really wanted to bring a baby into a world where this could happen. We got pregnant very shortly after and I heard there was actually a baby boom right about when Noah was born because so many people were seeking comfort/escape as a result from the emotional trauma.

Steph said...

Great post Courtney!

Jen said...

I was in bed with mastitis, and I had a 6 week old infant. I remember wondering if we'd done the right thing by having a baby, because I had no idea what was going to happen next in the world.

Jess T said...

Since it was in my backyard (Pentagon), I was terrified. Literally, I thought the world might come to an end. It was the scariest thing ever. It took a very long time for me to even go to a public event without worrying that someone might blow the stadium up. Obviously it could happen, but I have to not hide in my house. Then, they would win.

KC said...

It would take me all day to write about that day. So Maybe if you keep reading my blog, then next year I will take the time to write about it.. a short little recap, my grandpa had died 2 days before and the 11 was his viewing in which I planed to spend the day at. I had a 5 year old in kindergarten, a 21 month old and was 5 months PG.. and scared out of my mind, heartbroken over the lost of my grandpa and feeling like my world and I knew it would never be the same again as i was watching those planes and all the reports on TV. Then that fear I felt pretty much tripled as I was driving up towards Cleveland and had 4 fighter jets buzz right over my car. ONLY to find out about the PA plane after I got the the furneral home and then it hit me those were the fighter jets that were going after that plane.
OK this is long enough.. I should stop..