Thursday, August 28, 2008

The jokes on me, isn't it

My days at work are passing quickly, but my week is still dragging so I've come to one conclusion: someone is adding days to the week and I am unaware of it. So the joke is on me, isn't it? Well it can stop. I have been completely exhausted this week with no real explanation except that I am trying to fight off a cold and keep it just that, a cold. I know it's just my allergies, but it doesn't suck any less.

Monday night the girls and I were having a relaxing evening. Taylor had on her roller skates and was roller skating on the carpet (the only place she doesn't fall) when she got brave and headed to the kitchen floor. I started to tell her it wasn't a good idea when she went down...HARD! Her right elbow started to swell, but it never got too big and she was in pain. We put some ice on it and I started wondering if I should take her to ER or wait it out. My nephew broke his elbow last summer, it never swelled, he leaned on it the whole way to the ER and my sister thought she was insane for taking him in. Turns out he did break it. Taylor is lactose intolerant so she drinks very little soy milk (only occasionally at home, none at daycare) so her calcium intake is low. Her father has broken almost every bone in his body, most of them twice so I decided to go have it checked out.

It turns out she bruised the hinge of her elbow on the bone which is what was causing the pain. I'm just glad she didn't break it because it would have been very close to her growth plate and that wouldn't have been good!

The rest of the week we have gotten hair cuts and relaxed. I have been tired and so have my kids. We all started back on our allergy meds because it is that time of year again which makes us all tired, sick messes.

One more day and then it's 3 days of relaxation and I can't wait! I hope all of you have had pretty good weeks too.


My Wonderful Men said...

Glad Taylor is o.k.

Hope you feel better and can get rest over the weekend.

AZMom said...

I am glad she is okay. My nephew broke his elbow falling off his bike so I can relate to that scare. I hear you on the allergies too!

2 more days and then we are off for 3! Yeah!

Shana said...

I must of missed this post. It came across my Google Reader just now. I am glad that she didn't brake anything. Do you give her any calcium supplements? Do they even have them for children?