Monday, June 23, 2008

What a busy weekend

It's Monday all ready?

We had such a busy and fun weekend. Mike has finals today and tomorrow and then is done with school until July 8! I am beyond excited about this. He will finish out the week on afternoons and then the following week will work day turn. Yes! We actually get to be a normal family for an entire week. He has put in his resume a few places so we are keeping our fingers crossed. One of the jobs pertains to what he is going to school for so we are very hopeful that it will work out. It would mean less danger, more money and more family time.

Let's get into the weekend. Friday night the girls and I went to visit my grandfather in the nursing home. He got a little loud and aggressive a couple of times, but overall it was a good visit. He was not aggressive towards me or the girls, but he would get very agitated and yell at my grandma so I was glad I was there. While we were there, Callee pooped on the potty! I know this blog has become quite the potty training talk, but hey, that's what we are dealing with right now! After we left there we took Mike some lunch to work. It was a pretty good visit and the girls were very excited to see him. We went home and played outside and they didn't get to bed until after 10. This was a pattern in our house this weekend! When Mike got home at 11:30 I left to go walk with a friend of mine in the Relay for Life that her company was participating in. We walked from 12 - 1 and walked 3 miles. After that I really wanted to go get something to eat, but thought it wouldn't be a good idea.

Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast at our church. They were having a fundraiser for kids who wanted to go to camp, but their families couldn't afford it. Afterwards, the girls took a nap and I went grocery shopping. When the girls got up we headed to Mike's aunts for a picnic. It was fun, but Callee got stung on her back while we were playing outside. I wouldn't have known she got stung except she was pulling at the back of her shirt saying ow and when I lifted it up to check it out the bee flew out and stung me too. It was not my poor babies day! Then, about 7 I started not feeling good. I got a headache and then my stomach started to hurt so I went and laid down. I fell asleep for about an hour and a half and Mike and his aunts watched our girls. I cannot explain how nice that was of them and how bad I needed that nap. We didn't get home from his aunt's until after 10 and we put the girls to bed about 10:30.

Sunday we went to church and then to Addison's first birthday party. It rained the whole time, but it was still nice to go and watch her enjoy her special day. After that we came home and Mike played with the girls until one of them got hurt. He was playing horsey with them and when he started to go the last time they both fell off his back and Taylor hit the wall and when Mike tried to catch Callee he accidentally grabbed her face...oops! He felt terrible and we all sat around talking and coloring. It was a wonderfully relaxing evening together.

I cannot believe it's Monday all ready. I just keep thinking that Mike is done with school soon and even though it is not a long break, it is a break. We will both feel refreshed and we don't have too much longer of this craziness to go. I hope you all enjoy your week ahead and I hope it goes quick!

Is it just me or has June just flown by? Holy cow it is the 23rd, I'm not sure where the month went, but next week is the 4th of July (which by the way is my favorite holiday)!

I had taken lots of pictures of Mike playing with the girls, but it was really hot in our house and they had just gotten out of the bathtub so Taylor just had on underwear and Callee only had on a pull-up. Mike was hot too (he didn't just get out of the bathtub) so he didn't have a shirt on and he'd kill me if I posted a picture of him with no shirt on! So you all will have to imagine the pictures and how much fun they had.


Anonymous said...

Your weekend was busy, but when Monday roles around I think it's the question we all ask, where did the weekend go?!
Enjoy the week :)

Kristi said...

I said the same thing to Steve last night about June flying by. It seems to me just because this summer is going so well and because I am stressing about sending both boys to school in the fall, I think the summer is going even faster than usual.

I was actually relieved when each of my boys got stung their second time because then I could be sure they weren't allergic. how weird is that?

Kellan said...

I'm glad you had a good visit with you grandfather and it sounds like you had a good weekend!!

Have a good evening - see ya - Kellan

AZMom said...

In spite of the bee sting OUCH and the crash with daddy OUCH, it sounds like a great family weekend!

I hope you are feeling better. I bet it was the sting that made you ill. Ugh.

Way to go Callee on the potty!!

Kathy said...

Your family time sounds like the best! ('cept for the little mishaps)
Yaahoo on the potty successes.
How is your grandfather doing?

I agree - June is going by way too fast.

my wonderful men... said...

My weekend was so busy too and I couldn't believe Monday was here either yesterday.

At least Mike is done with school that's something to be happy about!


and poopoo on the potty! lol