Monday, June 16, 2008

Updates, potties, and speeding tickets

I guess we'll start off with an update on my grandfather. My grandma is not bringing him home. He is going into a nursing home and his family doctor talked to my aunts and uncles about why this needs to happen. He is in the final stages of Alzheimer's, he did not have a stroke, but they did find out that he has a 70% blockage in his carotid artery. I believe the decision has been made not to do surgery because it will not improve his quality of life and they don't even know if he'll make it through the surgery. It is now just a waiting game. We know he will go soon, but not sure how soon. His quality of life is horrible and I hate to see him in the state he's in, but I'll miss him so much when he's gone. It's a no win situation.

Saturday the girls and I went to my nieces dance recital and Mike went to a father's day banquet at our church. I got a phone call from him and this was our conversation:

Mike: Hi, you're going to kill me. (This cannot be a good starter.)
Me: Why, what did you do?
Mike: I got a speeding ticket.
Me: What? Why can't you just go the speed limit?
Mike: I don't know how it happened, I didn't even realize I was going that fast.
Me: I know how it happened. I am always telling you to slow down. I don't know why you have to drive that fast. Have fun working over to pay for that ticket! (None of this was in a very nice tone.) Then I hung up on him.

This is Mike's second speeding ticket. He drives like a maniac. He currently has a Grand Prix that we are leasing and has to be turned in in July. He wants a Charger after that and all I can say about that is I don't think so. I am so upset with him right now.

Onto better news. We have been sitting Callee on the potty since January. We did this with Taylor too and it just helped her get used to sitting there and not be scared of it when it comes time to actively potty train. Taylor had a potty chair that she hated, so we just used the little rings that fit on top of the actual toilet. Callee is afraid of those and since I had let a friend of mine use Taylor's potty chair and she is still potty training her son, we went out and got Callee one of her own that she got to pick out. Of course she chose the Dora and Boots chair, but when we got home she was really excited. She kept sitting on it and then getting up and then sitting on it again, etc. While at my niece's dance recital during intermission I decided to take Callee into the bathroom and change her pull up. When I took it off it was dry! It had been about 3 hours since I put it on her, so I asked her if she wanted to try to go potty and she said yes. She peed on the potty during intermission! I was so excited for her!!! She peed again later when I went to change her because she had pooped.

Here is the conversation about poop:

Me: Callee, why'd you poop in your pull up? You are supposed to poop on the potty.
Callee: Poop in potty chair?
Me: Yes, you poop in the potty chair.
Callee: Oops!

I guess she didn't get that memo. It was too cute.

The rest of our weekend went pretty well. Sunday we had an open house and when we got home we got some of our yard work done. Mike cut the grass and I cleaned all the leaves and helicopters off our porch. I also washed all the chairs and the little table that we have out there. Then it was bath and bed time for the girls. Mike finished his homework while I watched Army Wives and then we went to bed. It's now Monday and I am still exhausted from this weekend. Next weekend should be more restful and Mike is almost done with this quarter. He has this week and then Monday and Tuesday of next week he has finals. It will be so nice to have him just working for a week and a half. Then July 13 he is on vacation from work. It will be a nice refresher to get us ready for his next quarter. I hope everyone has a good week!

Sorry for anyone who didn't want to know about my kids bathroom habits. I have been reduced to blogging about potty training and pooping. I have no life!


Steph said...

If it helps I would be pissed about that ticket too but then again I am no driving saint

HRH said...

So sorry about your grandfather. We had a similar situation with mine a few years back. So sad.

As for the speeding ticket...well I can speak from one who gets them that sometimes it is NOT OUR FAULT! hahaha

Yeah for potty!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha! Sorry... I just love that... "opps". Well, at least she is aware now :)

my wonderful men... said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa and the speeding ticket.

I love watching Army Wives, I'm so glad it's back on.


AZMom said...

Ya, I'd be ticked about the speeding ticket too. Hopefully that will be the last one.

Glad to hear Callee is getting potty trained! That is such an awesome relief when it is done. :-) They are so proud too. Keep up the good work!

Try and get some rest this week (ya, I know...easier said than done!)

Big hugs to you about your g'pa. I know how hard that is.


Janice said...

Potty training.... UGH