Monday, June 2, 2008

Taylor's Dance Recital

Well, it didn't go as planned, but what in my life does? Taylor went to her dress rehearsal on Saturday and did awesome! I couldn't have been prouder because when we have programs at church she stand there sucking on her fingers. Saturday night she woke up sick and had a fever. This was not supposed to happen.

Sunday morning I took her to Immediate Care to make sure there was nothing terribly wrong because she was devastated when I told her she probably wouldn't be able to dance that afternoon. The doctor there said it seemed to be a virus and if she wanted to dance to give her Motrin 30 minutes before and she should be okay. We did that and she got to dance which made her happy! This video was taken at the dress rehearsal and she is the second one in from the left. The quality of the video is crappy, but it was taken on my digital camera so what do you expect? And just ignore the talking Courtney's mom and I couldn't resist the comments!
Here are some pictures also from the day of the dance after she was medicated and happy.
Left to right: Courtney, Taylor, and Makayla.


Courtney said...

No Taylor does not have blush on those rosey little cheeks. That would be her fever. I was melting just holding her. I really felt bad for her.

Mimi's Toes said...

That was precious to watch. I love dance recitals. She looked so pretty...I know you were so proud of her...

Kellan said...

She did a great job - she is so cute and that is the cutest outfit!! Adorable picture with mommy too!!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Kristi said...

She sure looked great, even if she was feeling kind of yucky. I love the bright colored dress.

Shana said...

How fun!!! It would be nice to have a little one dancing! But I will settle for my boys playing ball...:o)

Steph said...

She looks great and your girls have such great eyes!

AZMom said...

She looks beautiful! I am so glad she was able to dance and I hope she gets well soon!!! You look very proud mama!

KC said...

Those are great, very cute dance video.
Poor little thing getting sick like that on her big day :(
Hope she is feeling better now..
Remember I told ya my kids have been coughing for a month now.. the 3 youngers ones got over it about a week ago, but my oldest still has it and had got worse.. Found out today it is a sinus infection dripping into her throat.. UGH.. she is on an antibiodic now.

suchsimplepleasures said...

ok...she is gorgeous!!
i'm glad that she got to dance in her recital! i can't imagine how devastated she would have been, had she not!!
hope she's feeling better!!

my wonderful men... said...

Oh, this was so cute to watch! I wish I had a girl.
You have to be so proud - she belongs to me, the cute one up there!!!
Thanks for sharing,

HRH said...

Those outfits are adorable! I am so glad she was able to participate.