Thursday, June 26, 2008

Slow down...just a little

This day has flown by. It can slow down, but just a little.

I have to go car shopping tonight because Mike's lease has to be turned in soon. Then I get to spend a little time with my girls tonight before bed.

Tomorrow is friday (TGIF) and I have a few exciting things planned for the weekend that I'll share tomorrow. I hope your day was a good one.


AZMom said...

Have fun car shopping!! I am counting the minutes until my day ends as I am going out with my girlfriends tonight :-)

Angela said...

It always seem like the days you want to last go the slowest

Angela said...

I think I got mixed up I think I ment to say the days that you want to last go to fast.

Woopse I think I am tired


Kathy said...

I hope you enjoy the car shopping. I don't like it at all. It is such a huge purchase. That is why I try to get vehicles that will last over 10 years. My plan is to never have to buy another truck. Enjoy your weekend!

KC said...

Hey Courtney.. This monday when I give my weekend recap I'm going to try something new.. I"m going to try to turn it into a meme of sorts.. I'm going to try to get a Mr Linky up on it, then anyone who has made a post about there weekend can link up there so everyone can go around reading about everyones weekends.. So enjoy your weekend and then write about it :)