Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yesterday all day I thought it was Thursday. That would make today Friday, woohoo! One more week down and only about a billion more to go. I'm sure you can all imagine my shock and disappointment that today is not Friday. Uggghhh, one more day after today I guess.

I have a prayer request. A very close friend of my boss just lost his wife to pancreatic cancer on Tuesday night. He has two daughters, one of which graduated on Monday and is supposed to be having an open house next weekend. Pray that this family makes it through this extremely difficult time.

It seems so unfair. Why are so many people taken from this earth way too early? This young woman was just reaching the age where she would begin to realize her mother is not the enemy and with any luck would accept that her mother is the best friend she could ever have? She was robbed of that and now has to go on and make important life decisions without her mom. Dads are great too, but you know in this crucial time of your life you would most likely turn to your mom if you are a girl.

Go tell your mothers that you love her and squeeze your kids extra tight. You are never promised tomorrow.


my wonderful men... said...

I hate when I wake up thinking it's a different day.

So sorry to hear about the close friend of your boss. It's hard to understand when things like this happen.


Kellan said...

I will pray for this family - I am sorry.

I found out yesterday that a good friend of mine - her husband - is in liver failure and will have to have a transplant. He is in his 50's, and I don't know what they will do if he doesn't make it. It is not fair.

Have a good evening - Courtney - TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!


AZMom said...

Great advice. Sorry to hear about your boss's friend. That is terrible.

Hey, it's nearly Friday now!

Laura said...

I sometimes have a hard enough time trying to figure out what month I am in. I am always devastated to hear of the loss of those who were just to young to leave just yet. I am so sorry...

Stephanie said...

Cancer is such a horrible disease. I will pray for the family. Life never seems to make sense.