Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another weekend gone

Our weekend was pretty good. Saturday I got up and took the girls to dance while Mike stayed home doing homework and waiting for the refrigerator to be delivered. It's now at our house safe and sound. I'd like to say more, but it's a refrigerator so there's not much else to say. The girls took a nap and Mike and my dad went to work on the garage door situation. They got it off, but needed a new handle and couldn't find the right size so this weekend they are going to a garage door only store in hopes of finding a new handle. After the girls got up we went outside to play for a couple hours and then I took them to Mike's moms house. Mike and I went to dinner and then stopped by Target to pick up a few things I needed. When we got home I laid down for two minutes because I wasn't feeling great. Two hours later Mike woke me up...oops! It was after 9 by this point so I knew I'd be up for a while. I had this horrible craving for Cold Stone Ice Cream so I went and got some. While out and about Mike's sister called and invited us bowling and when I got back I mentioned it to Mike who wanted to go. We had a good time, it was couples bowling, Mike and I suck, but we had fun. Afterwards we went to Tina's (Mike's sister) boyfriends house where Mike had a little too much to drink. We were about 15 minutes from home and about 3 minutes from his mom's so we went there to sleep.

When we got up in the morning we had breakfast and left. The poor dog hadn't been out since 10 p.m. and we didn't get home until 11:15! She managed to not poop in the house which is great. I left to go to my grandma's with Callee and Mike and Taylor stayed behind to take a much needed nap. After that I took Taylor to my mom's to play with my niece and nephew and I went home and took a nap with Callee and Mike. By this point he was just trying to sleep off his hangover. After we got up I ordered pizza and was putting my shoes on to go pick Taylor up and then the pizza when the phone rang (it was Taylor.)

Here's how the conversation went:
Taylor: Mom, I'm ready to come home. I'm scared and I don't want to be here anymore.
Me: I was on my way anyways, I'll be there in 5 minutes.
Taylor: Ok, CJ and Casia are scared too so they're coming with me.
Me: Ummmm, we'll see.

As I was telling Mike about the conversation and walking out the door again the phone rings one more time, this time it's my mom. She told me how they swear they saw a monster in the garage and they are all freaking out, but I didn't need to come get her. I told her I was coming anyways and I'd be there shortly.

I went and picked up 3 scared kids and brought them to my house. We had pizza and they played until my mom came and picked them up just before bath time. Taylor talked about this monster all night long and then couldn't sleep so I ended up making her a bed on our bedroom floor so we could all get some much needed sleep.

That was my weekend. I hope everyone else had a good weekend that was monster free. Taylor swears she is never going pack to my parents house until "papa calls ghost busters and they come get the monster." Kids are funny! I hope everyone has a good week.

Btw, I entered a picture of Callee in a photo contest. If you would click on this link and vote. Registration is free.


Kellan said...

Nope, no monsters here this weekend! Good luck with the photo contest - I'll go check it out!

Take care - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Hey ya know if something strange in the neighborhood who else ya gonna call...good choice on the ghostbuster's Bill Murray show up?!

pamibe said...

Hey, Courtney! Thanks for dropping by and commenting at my place! :D

Your girls are beautiful...! I know they must keep you hopping. LOL!

KC said...

a two hour nap and some kids free time sounds pretty nice to me right now..
Glad you had a great weekend.. Hope the monstor thing is done with now.. poor kid.