Friday, March 14, 2008

A question (or 2) answered

Thanks for all the great questions. I will have to really think about some of the answers, but in the meantime I will answer two questions per post until I answer them all.

First off for today is from Simple Pleasures. She has asked 3 great questions, but the only one I really don't have to think too much about is how did Mike and I meet.

Mike and I worked together at a factory. I started working at this place a couple months after Mike left. All of the women I worked with were in there 40's and I was 21 and they kept telling me about this young guy that just left a couple of months before for the Marines. They were telling me how sweet he was and helpful and nice looking. I brushed it off, but humored them none the less. I didn't want a relationship. I was happy being single. He was discharged from the Marines for shattering his ankle and came back to work with us 6 months later. We met, he was nice, we hung out (his cousin that had been working with me all along, me, and also Mike.) I went to Florida over Easter with a couple of my aunt's to see my grandparents and when I came back my brother said some guy had called me earlier that morning. He didn't know who it was and the guy didn't leave a message. I had no idea who it was so I just went on to work.

It was any other boring, mundane day until our first break. By this point I had a huge crush on Mike, but I thought he had a girlfriend (I'm not sure why.) At first break Mike and I were talking like we always did and he asked when I got back. I told him about 1:00 that afternoon and asked what he had been up to all week. He avoided my question, but replied, "That explains where you were when I called." I think I almost had a heart attack. The guy I had a crush on wanted to know why I wasn't home when he called and even better, HE CALLED!!! From that point on Mike and I worked at getting to know each other better and going out alone. A year later we had Taylor (almost exactly a year after meeting) and two years after meeting we got married. I still love him with the same school girl crush and he still gives me butterflies when he touches me. I hope this satisfies your question.

The second question comes from Angela. She wants to know how we chose our kids' names. This one is an easy one. Mike chose Taylor because we couldn't agree on a name and he just loved it. Of course after she was born we thought of two names that we both liked, Cameron and Bailey. I did not like the name Taylor so I was really thinking about going and changing her name to one of the two, but didn't and now I love the name Taylor. It has really grown on me or maybe it's just the child that she is. The trouble is that we agreed on boys names both times around so we knew they were going to be girls, why make it easy right?

Callee has a little more complicated name. Ultimately I was going to name her because he named Taylor, but if we could agree on a name we would go that route. I didn't know if I liked Cameron with our last name even though I do love the name and one of Mike's really good friends named his daughter Bailey a few months after we had Taylor so that was out. Callee didn't have a name for about 2 hours after she was born since her arrival was a little unexpected. You can catch up here if you want. I had narrowed it down to Cameron, Cambry, and Callee. Mike wasn't crazy about Cambry, he liked Callee, but wasn't sure that was the name for her and Cameron like I said, I loved, but didn't know if I liked it with our last name. My mom pointed out that the doctor that most likely saved Callee's life, his name was Dr. Cawli (Callee) so it seemed fitting. She was right and so we have our Callee and really there isn't a better name for that child. She is our miracle and we feel honored he caught the tear before they sent us home. We are truly blessed to have Callee in our lives.

That's all for today folks, I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

What a good story with Callee's name.

Kellan said...

It's funny how kids fit their names - isn't it? I love both your girls' names - they are beautiful.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our sweet baby - have a great weekend - Kellan

Angela said...

Thanks for answering my question. It is hard deciding what to name children. I think both your kids have beautiful names.
Oh and I read the other post too. I am sure glad it all turned out well.

Seven_Shades_of_Red said...

Hi there! Stopping by to check out your blog because I have 2 little girls too! Elaina will be 3 this summer and Abigail is turning 1 next Monday. Your girls are SO cute and so sweet!

KC said...

1st off sorry I went MIA.. life has been getting in the way of blogging LOL..
Sounds like you had a good weekend. Sorry to hear about the girls being sick. and I loved your story of meeting DH and naming the girls.. Thanks for sharing..

AZMom said...

Very cool. I think both of your kids have great names. :-)

Sweet story of how you guys met and your story together :-) Thanks for sharing!

my wonderful men... said...

Great stories!
And great pics of the four of you.

Ris said...

Cute story! I love hearing how couples got together. Your daughters are beautiful!