Friday, February 15, 2008

Cutts is guilty!

Justice to yet another woman and her unborn child. Bobby killed her to get out of paying child support for a 4th child because he had mounting unpaid child support for the other 3 he all ready had? Use a condom, don't have sex, definitely do not kill the mother of one of your children and mother to your unborn baby (and leave your 2 year old son home alone after the deed is done.)

I don't understand what is wrong in our society that someone could be so cold blooded to do this. This family now has an answer at least. It won't bring back their daughter or their grand daughter so what does it matter?

I pray for Jessie and Bobby's 2 year old son Blake. I pray he will grow to be happy and healthy and to know what a monster his father was. Also, I pray he (Blake) will never do that to someone because he didn't want to pay child support...SICK!!!


Kellan said...

It is just an awful story! I don't understand it either - it makes me sick and it makes me crazy!

Have a good weekend Courtney - see you soon. Kellan

Angela said...

So awful
People can be awful

Kathy said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear more good news instead of all of the awful stuff?
Enjoy the weekend with your family.

Shana said...

I was stuck in traffic on 90 yesterday and heard the live news of the conviction. The only evidence that I feel the jury needed was the little boys words. (Daddy mad, Mommy in the rug) You are right, how could anyone do this to another person? SICK!

Jen said...

Ugh, how awful. This is why I avoid watching the news, its so upsetting to me, as a parent seeing the horrible things people can do to their own children.

Hope you are well!

Mimi's Toes said...

Dear Lord, what is our world coming to? I don't understand the minds of these sicko's. I hate to watch the news or read the paper because it just makes me sick. That is just a terrible story and I pray for that little Angel Blake that God will just send his angels to camp around him and protect him.

AZMom said...

Glad I was not the only completely upset over this story!!!

Janice said...

It makes me sick too. We had a shooting here in Utah a month or so ago. A man shot and killed his wife while she was in the Church parking lot. He is insane, my little bro worked with him. I do not understand how any one could do this.

I had a high school friend shot by her husband a few years ago because he started to lie and didn't want to get caught. He was living a double life kind of. Way sad, It all makes me so pissed.

Lets pray out little girls are always cautious of who they are with.

suchsimplepleasures said...

waaaaay too many sickos in the world!! makes it a slightly scary place!! another reason to stick my head in the sand!!