Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a weekend

This weekend was good, but filled with things to do. I can't wait for a weekend just to relax. The kids had a wonderful time until yesterday afternoon and that is really all that matters. Saturday we had Christmas at Mike's moms and then we went to bake cookies at my mom's. The girls really got too many gifts at Mike's moms house and that was our first stop so I knew we were in for it! They got clothes, movies, toys, a new toothbrush and I asked Taylor what else Santa could bring her since she had all ready gotten so much and she said a chuck e. cheese gift card! Good thing Santa knows everything.

Sunday was my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday MOM!) and she let the kids celebrate her birthday by opening their Christmas gifts from Grandma and PaPa. Again, it looked like Santa had come all ready and we were still two days from Christmas! Here is a picture of 3 very cool little girls with one of their Christmas presents on.
Everything from my mom and dad came in threes this year and at least one of them were different from the others to distinguish who was who's. That mother of mine is one smart lady! By the way, Mike and I have needed a dehumidifier for a long time and that was our gift from my parents as well as an Olive Garden gift card! See told you she was smart!
Monday we went to Mike's aunts house. They got the girls the cutest gift that they absolutely love and I meant to take a picture of it to put on here because the description I would give just wouldn't do it justice! I'll have to take a picture and put them on here maybe tomorrow.
Tuesday we opened gifts and lo and behold Taylor got a chuck e. cheese gift card! She was so excited. Then we headed to my mom's for dinner at 2. I knew Taylor had a cold and wasn't feeling well, but while we were at my mom's, I don't think she did much playing unless it was in one spot. After my mom's, we headed to Mike's dads house.
They opened more gifts there and we played games on the Wii they got for Christmas. Taylor started complaining her ear hurt while we were there and I thought about taking her to Immediate care, but I like them to see their doctor so I waited until today. My mom suggested I take Callee too since she's been playing with her ear recently so I did.
Callee has a double ear infection and Taylor has an ear infection, a throat infection, croup, and pink eye. Needless to say, she's not feeling well at all. So I hope my kids had a great Christmas despite the sickness they also received. In this case, I hope they do not give, but I also wish they wouldn't have received!
I hope everyone elses family had a wonderful Christmas too!


Kellan said...

Cute pictures - I think they must have had a good Christmas - it sounds like it was wonderful. I'm sorry they are sick and hope they are better soon. We had a very good Christmas and now it's nice to just spend some time relaxing. See you soon. Kellan

KC said...

Oh no.. Sorry the girls are not feeling well, I hope they get to feeling better soon. Even still it sounds like you had a great Christmas. Hope you have as much fun in the New year.