Friday, December 28, 2007

Sorry it's been so long.

I try to blog throughout the week regularly, but lately I just haven't felt like it. The girls are still very sick, I haven't been getting much sleep and now Mike's sick too. I am scrubbing my house this weekend. I want all of these festering germs out so they can no longer infect the ones I love. Taylor is usually a pretty happy child. She whines and cries occasionally, but hello she's a 3 year old girl. Since Tuesday that child has done nothing but whine and cry! Callee whines and cries all the time so that isn't anything new, but with two of them, I may go insane! I love my kids to death and I hate seeing them miserable, but I may lose a grip if this illness they have doesn't go away and they don't return to their "normal" selves.

That being said, this morning was a particularly rough morning. They both seem to have gotten worse over night and I'm not sure why. I hope it is just the antibiotic working extra hard to get this out of their system. The doctor's office is not open again until Wednesday and I think it is a little too early to take them back today, but if they continue to get worse, I don't want to spend my weekend in ER. That is my dilemma today.

Onto a brighter, happier subject. This weekend we are supposed to paint Taylor's room so she will be sleeping down stairs. She has wanted her room painted green for a while now so with our Sears gift card we got for Christmas, we are going to go get paint and daddy and papa will do that this weekend if daddy is feeling better. That will start her room makeover. I want to do a couple of things for her room since she was so big and started sleeping up there. She needs a garbage can (especially since she's been sick. The amount of dirty tissues in the morning is amazing!), I'd like to get her an area rug and we can put her new bedding on this weekend too. I don't know what else I want to do yet, but I think I am going to ask Mike's very creative aunt to come over and look at it and see if she has any suggestions!

I hope everyone has a good weekend and pray that my kids start feeling better soon. I hate seeing them miserable and I need it for my sanity too. I don't mean to complain here, but they are really starting to run me down!


Mimi's Toes said...

My prayer for you and your family is a quick recovery and may God give you the Peace, strength and Rest you need as a mom. Germs Be Gone! I know as a mom, it is so hard to see our kids suffer. It does take a while sometimes for antibiotic to kick in....Prayers are sent your way!

KC said...

Oh no.. sorry to hear they are still sick.. that sucks. I hope they are feeling better soon.
You will have to take before, during and after pictures of the room and blog all about it.
have a good weekend.

Kellan said...

I'm so sorry your girls and hubby is sick - I hope the antibotic kicks in soon - I know how hard it can be when they don't feel good - poor babies and poor mom!! BTW - Courtney is my CRAZY one - she thinks she is so funny (and she is) and she is just in love with herself (in such a cute way) - she is loud and stubborn and funny and people love her. Chloe is pretty much the same, but not as stubborn. They are both a lot of fun. See you soon and I hope everyone feels better soon. Kellan

Laura said...

I hope they are soon well. It is tiring when your children are sick. It feels like a never ending cycle of cuddling, cleaning, washing and repeating. Take care of yourself too, so you don't get run down.