Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The day the world changed!

Okay so everyone knows what today is. It is the day (well 6 years ago) that the world changed. Everyone from my generation will be saying, I remember exactly where I was when I got the news, much like my mom does about the JFK assassination. Well, I remember where I was, begging my nephew who had just turned one to go back to sleep! My nephews first birthday was exactly two weeks prior and I watched him for my sister while she worked. Unfortunately, I worked afternoons and he had gotten up particularly early that morning so I was begging him to please take a nap. I had him almost all the way asleep and my cell phone rang, it was my sister from work, I wanted to kill her. She asked what we were doing and I told her, she asked me to get up and turn on the tv. I did like she wanted me to and there was the second plane hitting! I couldn't believe it. I remember holding my nephew rocking him and crying. I couldn't believe it. That is when I started hating Bush and I haven't quit yet. But, oh well I voted so I can be upset he is still in office. Well, before I make any enemies, let me stop there.

Callee is feeling much better today and her fever finally broke as she was up screaming at 2:30 this morning. I got no sleep, I hate my job, and I can't find a way to give my two weeks notice. I am actually afraid to do it. What am I going to do and why can't I stand up to this man? Ahhhhh....I want to scream!

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