Friday, July 27, 2007

Callee is WALKING!!!!!!!!!

Callee has decided it is time to start walking, which I am very grateful for. I know everyone thinks I am crazy, but she will be so much happier when she can keep up with the other kids. She can all ready reach anything she wants so why not walk as she's doing it?

It is so cute because she is doing the 3 or 4 steps and then sit down, which Taylor never did. I was a little disappointed when Taylor never did it, but in typical Taylor fashion, she had to be completely sure and perfect before she'd try it. And she was. She didn't walk until she was fifteen months but one day she got up and walked across the room without stumbling. It was amazing because I thought she'd never learn because she always acted so uninterested.

Callee is a completely different child all together. She isn't afraid to take any risks. She doesn't have to be completely sure of herself, she is more carefree. The child has absolutely not one ounce of fear. She will let you swing her around without her blinking an eye. She has the most precious giggle while you are doing it and something about that giggle lets all your fears, worries, cares, and stress go out the door if only for a few minutes. These are the moments I have grown to love more than anything else and after a bad day at work, I live for the belly laugh of an innocent baby, not yet tainted by this dirty world.

Congratulations Callee...........I am proud of you!


Ashley said...

WooHOO!!!! I'm so excited for her!!!! Before we know it she'll be big enough to join in on the cherry coke nights!!!!

Terry said...

Before long Callie will be riding a bike, going to school, getting her driving permit...OK I'll slow down a bit, but time does go by sooo fast.