Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Facebook deactivation & then not so much

So last week I deactivated my facebook account....for several reasons, none of which I intend to share on here. Let's just say sometimes it feels as though facebook was the greatest thing ever invented and sometimes it feels like the worst thing. I deactivated it on Thursday afternoon with no intention on reactivating it anytime soon.

That night we got a call saying Mike's 13 year old cousin collapsed at school & was life flighted to a hospital with a top rated brain surgeon. I debated on getting back on facebook for any updates (this particular family lives in NY so we only see them about 3 times a year.) I held out & got my updates the (sorta) old way....via text messaging! Friday morning Mike's step mom called and said Delany didn't make it....she had a brain aneurysm and died at the age of 13! She was the youngest of 4 beautiful children and the family is having a very hard time. I logged in on Friday to send my condolences and never deactivated as I had planned.

I didn't have time to deactivate because after I fed my fish & played family feud I got a call from a mom at Taylor's school. She said she needed Taylor's medical history (they were at a field trip on a nature walk or so I thought) so I assumed she got stung by a bee or something. I asked why and the mom says, "No one called you yet?" Ummmm.....NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on? Apparently a car ran a red light and hit their bus on the way to their field trip, she needed her medical history for the hospital to run tests. Taylor was sitting in one of the seats that was right above where the lady hit & went under the bus. Taylor was treated for a concussion and whiplash & we were released and told to see her pediatrician on Monday and give her Motrin as needed.

We did that & found out she has a lot of strained & pulled ligaments in her neck. He gave us range of motion exercises to do at home & if she is not 100% by Monday he is sending her to physical therapy. Everyone in my house now has to walk everywhere because apparently we should not be in vehicles! She is doing ok with the exercises, some don't bother her at all and others she can't do at all because they hurt too bad....we are really hoping for a full recovery by Monday & no physical therapy.

So as I am going through all of this and grieving for parents that I hope I am never in their shoes & thinking it could have been me right after that phone call I remember it is Mike's uncles 50th birthday. He had a niece pass away on his birthday & was scared his great niece may do the same....something about bus accident tends to make you freak out!

So then Friday night we have these wicked storms and tornado warnings (none touched down within a mile and a half of our house thank goodness!) Saturday my sister calls me to tell me a friend of ours called her and the father of this friends child was murdered Saturday morning (like 2 a.m.) I found out my 16 year old cousin has an infection & fluid around his heart, all of this was found out after he passed out after walking into the ER waiting room. He is still in the hospital so prayers for a full and speedy recovery would be appreciated. Then another friend calls and says her husbands, best friends son was rushed to a hospital about an hour from here because the babysitter threw him into a ceiling fan.....he is 6 weeks old! What type of sick person does that? I can't imagine anything making you crazy enough to do that & it literally makes me sick to my stomach.

The moral of writing all of this is that I am so glad nothing more happened to Taylor and I am so incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life. My heart goes out to each of the families mentioned above and I feel like no one should be talking to me....it's like I have a black cloud affecting everyone around me. So, now I have decided not to re-deactivate my facebook account, but I'm really not sure how long that will last. The reasons I deleted it before are still there so we'll see how long I can take it. You all can always find me here!


KC said...

OH MY GOODNESS.... Courtney all that stuff is so awful.. AWFUL... I'm so thankful Taylor is ok well as good as she is.. Thank you Lord..
I'll keep you and all these people in my prayers.. I'll miss ya on facebook.. but it will give me a reson to check blogs seeing how I never remember to do it after I read though all the facebook statuses..

Kristi said...

That is so scary to have that happen. I couldn't believe it when you said i it on FB. When I saw your deactivation I figured there was something to it. I did that for about five months at the beginning of last year because my family members were causing problems. I just re-friended my sister after a year and a half and warned her that I didn't want any nastiness this time around. Good luck with the exercises woth Taylor. I hope she is feeling well enough to not have to go to physical therapy. PT is what I'm looking at for my back at the moment :(

Angela said...

My goodness now I am crying. I should know to stay off of line this time of month.

I hope taylor has a quick recovery.
I am so sorry for everyone else too.

Sometimes it seems as if life will explode.

I am wishing you guys safety and happiness.

joven said...

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Drea said...

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Courtney said...

Drea, thank you! I will email you the information this afternoon...I want to make sure I have the right sizing...thank you!