Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Aaaahhhhh.....that would be my big sigh of relief.

We have been really busy lately. We are finishing up our yard before the weather completely turns, the inside still has to be done often, we are watching Bella 5 days a week and life is moving at a fast pace.

On a good note, I am done Christmas shopping. Three of the things I ordered are not in yet, but what I have is wrapped too. My goal this year is not to be rushed in any way shape or form and to actually enjoy the holiday season.

Every year something is being done at the last second. I am either still trying to find that perfect gift on Christmas eve, sending out Christmas cards on the 20th & hoping they make it on time or I am up wrapping until 2 a.m. on Christmas eve. Not the case this year. I am waiting on three things so I can wrap them, all others are done, my Christmas cards are ordered, in and addressed. They need stamps and dropped in the mail box only.

And, this is crazy to me, but Mike and the girls put up our Christmas tree this weekend! I have never done it this early and never wanted to do it this early, but when he said he wanted to, I ran with it, so now our tree is up too.

Things around our house are a lot better, but they got a lot worse first, unfortunately. And really unfortunate is the fact that it was my fault! Long story short I am going next month for a blood test to check my hormone levels.

There is the quick synopsis of what is going on in the house of the Stevenses.

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ChAsEr said...

already finished with Christmas shopping!!!!!waw...
have not started yet!!!!!
merry Christmas!!!