Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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So I have about 318 blog posts rolling around in my head and I have gotten stuck every time I've tried to sit down, write and expand on them. Maybe this is why I decided to take a break. My quality of writing was sucking and I knew it. Things just seemed so matter of fact, here it is, no funny stories, just life. Although I love writing about just life sometimes it's not enough. Sometimes you need to add that extra touch and my posts were lacking.

All of that was not to say this one won't be lacking, but I thought I'd let you all know what's been going on around the Stevens abode.

There have been great days, bad days (we'll write about that next week!), sick days, lazy days and "holy.cow.what.are.we.going.to.do.about.this.situation" days (goes with the bad days.) I'm sure you can all relate to these days, I know it's not just me that has these.

Let's start with the great days. Lots of quality time together. We are back to watching Bella and she is so much more pleasant to watch now that she's crawling. Notice I didn't say easier? Because she is crazy and into everything!!! You never realize how "unbaby" proof your house is until you have a baby in it. We just had a baby 3 years ago, how could this have happened so quick? I'm not sure, but the majority of our houses talk Tues - Thurs is "could you get her? Bella don't do that! Bella don't touch! Bella just sit still!" We love it though and we love that beautiful little girl so we'll deal with it.

Things between Mike and I have been mostly good. We are rarely arguing about anything, making sure we are working together as a team and keeping communication open. He is making the effort to show me he cares and loves me (it really is the little things) and I am still working on the things I know drive him insane (you know stupid little bad habits that are hard to break and sometimes you don't even realize you are doing.) I definitely enjoy my evenings and weekends so much more now. I guess that's kind of bad since I'm stuck at work 8 hours a day.

The sick days have only begun for the year. I wrote about Callee's issue last week and if you didn't read about it you should. She goes back to the doctor on Weds and will hopefully be well enough to get her flu shot. The week before Callee got sick Taylor was sick with the same thing, but it didn't get nearly as bad as Callee's did. Now Taylor is saying her ear hurts, so I guess we'll see if she can get her flu shot on Weds too.

Oh how I love lazy days. Saturday was not one of them, but Monday night was. Dinner was a free for all, Mike gave Callee her bath and after the girls went to bed I got a bath, Mike gave me a massage and I curled up on the couch and fell asleep for a little while. Then I got up and went to bed. Did I mention how much I love lazy days? Well, I do love them very much!

Well, until next time (stories of bad and what do we do) enjoy your week and your families. I plan on enjoying mine, but not so much work! Lol.

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Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm glad you are taking the time to enJOY your family. I hope the girls are feeling much better!! Hugs and blessings!!