Monday, August 17, 2009

Our weekend

Our weekend was exhausting. So much that I woke up late this morning and got to work 15 minutes late! Oops. I said on my facebook status that I was going to relax this weekend even if it killed me, but I should've said, I'm going to spend time with my kids, relaxation can wait!

So spend time I did.

  1. Friday night after I got home Taylor and I went and finished her school clothes shopping and talked for a few hours. We stopped off to get dinner, just her and I and the time we spent together was very much needed. I wanted to "reconnect" with her before she starts school in a week and I'm glad just her and I got to go. Mike and Callee had a great time at home together too from what I'm told so it was nice all the way around.
  2. After we got back from shopping I took Taylor out to the campgrounds where my dad was so she could have one last fun camping trip before school. She wasn't supposed to be allowed to go because she was grounded, but after our evening together and our talk it helped me to see where she was coming from. There was no malicious intent and the way she rationalized her actions made sense to a 5 year old so we discussed everything in great detail and I felt comfortable with the understanding she came away with. After discussing it with Mike we decided to let her go.
  3. Saturday morning I took Callee to wagon trails. After seeing everything I told Mike we had to go back and take Taylor because this is right up her alley. It was a very cool experience, one I won't soon forget. Callee and I double dated with Ashley and Susan. Susan is my cousin's ex-wife (long story, but they were married 13 years and I see no reason to "hate" her because they aren't together, it was his fault) and Ashley is their daughter who is 13 days older than Callee. They had such a good time together and their stories they were sharing in the back seat were priceless. (Pictures below)
  4. After wagon trails we went out to the campground for Callee to swim and play for the day and I had to get Taylor and take her to have her hair cut. The poor child was LOOOONNNNGGG overdue and when I was talking to Julie (the hair cutter) and trying to figure out when she had an actual "hair cut" last, we decided that beyond cutting the back with the clippers, but not taking any off the length, she hadn't had a good hair cut since March, right before we went to Florida! Needless to say she looks like a whole new child, a beautiful one at that!
  5. Sunday I went to church then went home to get everyone ready for Mike's family reunion. We got there a little late, but I really didn't care. The kids had a great time (pictures below), but it was another hot day. There was a water balloon game, which turned into "fill up the balloons repeatedly and get as many people as possible wet." When we left I went grocery shopping then home to work. After that we did baths, more work, I got to start reading the next book (did I mention I finally got to finish the one book I've been working on forever on Saturday night?) in my line up, then showered and bed.

I woke up late and was late for work this morning. That wasn't fun, but oh well, it was only 15 minutes and I'll now be staying over 15 minutes this evening. This week is a slightly crazy one, but not too bad so hopefully I'll have more blogging time in!

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Cheffie-Mom said...

WONDERFUL photos! enJOY your week!

Kristi said...

It does sound like an exhausting week. I know what you mean about having special time before school starts. Ia m hoping for a little more one on one with Noah before school starts too.

Andrea said...

Whew...sounds busy, but I'd definitely say that spending time with my kids should come before relaxation too. :) You're a great mom!

Courtney said...

Thank you Andrea! Positive reinforcement, even as an adult, is great and very much appreciated.