Friday, May 1, 2009

The most honest post I think I've ever written

Okay then let's get started. First off, I do not mean to offend anyone. I do not look down on people for superficial things, but if this pertains to you at all, just know that yes it is a pet peeve of mine. Would I not talk to you in real life or not be your friend because of it? No, but it would drive me nuts.

I was reading Kellan's blog post about how she was battling (in her head) with a woman who was a size 4 & kept announcing it (go read it, it's linked and worth the read.) I see how that would become irritating & no I do not do that.

So my pet peeve is, why do women try to fit into a smaller size even though it looks terrible, just to say they fit in that size? Who cares what size you wear and if you care that much, buy the size you should wear, cut the tags out and tell everyone it's the smaller size. This pertains to someone who is a size 22 trying to fit into a size 16 or 18 or a size 9 trying to fit into the size 5 or 7.

You want my opinion? When you do that, it makes you look at least 15 pounds heavier because it pushes all your rolls up so your muffin top is worse and when you are pairing that with a tight shirt, it isn't flattering. I especially *love* when said tight shirt is a little too short so if you bend over, everything falls out. I would be embarassed by that and I am a smaller girl. Why then do these women stand up and not immediately fix their shirts? I know you can feel the draft on your belly where your shirt should be. Fix the stupid thing...please!!!!

I am not saying any of this to make anyone feel insecure and I am truly sorry if you are getting a little more mad by every word you are reading. Some of you are reading, saying, “Oh yea the skinny girl can talk about this because she doesn’t have these problems.” Well, you couldn’t be more off the mark.

I constantly battle with weight issues. Like I said, I am a smaller girl, but that doesn't mean I don't have issues with my weight. I am always 2 - 5 pounds under or over my ideal weight. This does not mean the ideal weight for my height (5’8”), it means the ideal weight I have set in my head for me. If I'm over I am "a fat cow, how could my husband want to see this gross body?" Yea it is bad and if I'm under, "I'm too skinny, my bones are sticking out." It is a never ending battle I've had since, oh I don't know, 6th or 7th grade.

Why do so many women battle with weight issues instead of embracing themselves (you were made in God’s image) and making sure we are living a healthy lifestyle? Some people can’t lose weight no matter how much diet & exercise is monitored. On the flip side, some people can’t gain weight no matter how many calories they take in or how many “supplements” they are taking or drinking in between meals.

It took me no time at all (like 3 ½ months) to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight after having Taylor. After Callee…well let’s just say I wasn’t so lucky. I didn’t get down to my pre-pregnancy weight until I was put on a medicine for Narcolepsy in January (Callee will be 3 in July) and dropped about 16 pounds since then (the meds made me lose my appetite.) Now I am too skinny & still losing although I did get my appetite back. I’m telling you it is a never ending battle with me…too heavy, oh no, now too skinny. It is frustrating.

Since this post has taken a turn I didn’t expect it to take, let me add one last thing and then I am done lecturing about weight problems and embracing the you God made you.

Have you ever met someone that is just sooooo skinny? You know the type that you wonder if they are anorexic or something? Well, if they are not anorexic and it’s just the way they were made and you decide to make a comment such as, “You are so skinny, how do you do it?” That is the equivalent of anyone walking up to someone and saying, “You are so fat, how’d you manage to get that big?” Just saying because my mom gets it all the time and it is very frustrating for her. Now that I have lost so much and can’t seem to put it back on, it is the same way for me. I know I am thin, I do own a mirror and no I don’t think it’s cute, but I don’t need you to point it out.

Sorry this was so long, but now that you’ve had your lesson in manners and got a peak inside my head to see how I think, you can go on about your day and weekend and feel like you know me a little better.

Once again, if I offended anyone I am sorry and I welcome you to tell me about it and why/how I offended you. I am not trying to lose readers, just trying to share my point of view on my blog. If you have anything to add: thoughts, comments, concerns, your experiences, I encourage you to share them in the comments, but try to be nice.


Katy said...

I'm completely with you on people trying to fit into smaller clothes--it looks so much better to just wear clothes that fit, even if they are bigger than you want them to be. That said, I think sometimes it's more a matter of someone who has gained some weight and thinks, "I'm NOT buying new clothes b/c I am just going to lose the weight instead!" They know their clothes don't fit great, but think that it's just temporary, KWIM?

And I SO wish you could have been here on Saturday! So much of what Leigh-Ann talks about is how we are made in God's image and that we get our worth from Him and not from our appearance or what others say!

OK, I think that's a long enough comment! :-)

Courtney said...

What is KWIM? I'm not good with that stuff (figuring it out.)

I am with you on the "oh I'll just lose the weight," but some of these girls look REALLY uncomfortable & I think that would be the breaking point for me. If I can't breathe in something it is time to go shopping.

I also understand a lot of people can't afford to keep going out & buying new clothes, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a $1 pair of jeans from Good Will.

Courtney said...

Nevermind, I googled it....if anyone else was wondering, it's Know What I Mean?

Janice {Run Far} said...

LOL- Great post..... my thoughts exactly... I figure if they care enough to cut the tags out and replace with a smaller size then maybe they need to work out and lose the weight and be that size for real. I can't stand it when a chubby girl wears to tight of jeans and a short top and it all hangs out... OMG... sick... I struggle with my weight... even though I am a runner, if I am not super strict then I gain like crazy.... but I sure dont buy smaller and try to squeeze... gag.... I want to look nice but give me a break.

Courtney said...

I think girls look nicer wearing clothes that fit no matter how big or small they are. These models & such are putting too much emphasis on being a size 2. Not everyone even has the bone structure to be a size 2 so it just isn't possible, but my question is, why are we obsessing over a number? If you wear clothes that fit & are comfortable in your own skin, what does it matter. I just don't want to see it all hanging out no matter how big or small you are.

I also hate when girls wear these bras that push up their boobs & wear EXTREMELY low cut shirts (I'm not talking v-neck either.) I have no boobs & I'm okay with it, but I don't want my kids seeing all that & if I had a son I certainly wouldn't be comfortable with him seeing that either.

I think I just have a problem with society in general after this post & comment section.

Kellan said...

Great post, Courtney and I agree with you. I hate seeing women try to squeeze into jeans or clothes that are too small - and you're right - it just makes them look larger than if they wore their right size. I think women are never going to be happy with their weight as long as we are constantly bombarded on TV with images that define what is "perfect" or "skinny" - you know.

Have a great weekend, Courtney - see you soon - Kellan

OHmommy said...

oh courtney, i totally agree.

i remember reading a blog post online, cant remember the blog for the life of me now. but it was about a woman attending a 1/2 american and 1/2 indian wedding. she was amazed at the differences in women. the american women were dressed in all black tight dresses while the indian women were comfy in their beautiful outfits. she said so many things about the differences and their attitudes at the wedding, it was beauitful.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree with you about people trying to fit into smaller clothes. It is a shame that we are never satisfied with our weight.

Andrea said...

Yes, yes, YES!! And what's even worse than someone commenting on how skinny I am is someone commenting on how skinny my kids are and how I should feed them more, etc!!! Ummm, hello...they're happy, active, healthy and all they need to do is take one look at me to see where they inherited their petite frames and skinnyness from...not to mention that they need only watch my kids eat one meal to see that they eat a TON (and I mean a TON!!) of food...sigh. Great post btw!

Courtney said...

Funny thing is, Callee is our "thick" child (weighing 34 1/2 pounds), where Taylor is a bone (weighing 37 1/2 pounds) and yet we can't get Callee to eat hardly anything & we can't get Taylor to stop eating. Funny how that works out (Callee drinks a ton of milk...that's how she keeps the weight on.)