Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some days are easier than others *updated*

I will be taking Callee to the Emergency Room when I get off work. I am hoping we get the medical card for the girls, but I haven't heard yet. Callee's virus isn't getting any better & now when she breathes there is a wheezing and crackling noise. The ER is the only place I don't have to pay up front to have her seen so it is the logical answer right now.

Two years ago (in April) she had RSV & pneumonia. This is her last year for being at high risk for RSV since she was a preemie so with the wheezing & crackling, I'm not wanting to take any chances. She's had her fever since Sunday & it is still there. She is still falling asleep randomly throughout the day on the couch, which is not like her at all; she has completely given up naps as of a month ago. The cough sounds terrible & is constant, not just during the night or early in the morning as seems to be the case with most viruses/colds/allergy problems.

So say a little prayer that it is just a virus & I am just a worried mama & that we do get the medical card so I don't have to pay out the wazoo for this visit. I'll update tomorrow unless we get home early enough tonight, although that's not likely since the ER is S-L-O-W!

Update: she has RSV, an ear infection & a sinus infection. They gave her amoxicillan for the sinus & ear infection & until her fever breaks she isn't supposed to be around kids under 3. Here's to hoping it's gone by Saturday so she doesn't miss Tay's party.


Bonnie said...

I hope Callee is much better. My youngest son was not feeling great last week either. Debbie will be back in her blogging groove shortly. Thank you for letting me visit while she was away.

Shana W. said...

I hope that Callee is feeling better now. :o)

Stuff could always be worse said...

I do hope she is better and believe me, they out grow all this too fast.