Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been a while

Wow, it's been a week since I last posted. I have been really busy & when I'm not busy I'm just too tired to post. I read a really good book last week & am finishing another one (hopefully tonight) so I haven't even been talking to friends on the phone or watching TV either. As soon as the girls go to bed, I read then clean & shower & try to read a little more. It makes me so tired because I am staying up till almost midnight, but if Nicholas Sparks wasn't such a good author, I might not have this problem. So maybe after I'm done with this book, I will be back to blogging regularly (until a new book comes out.)

So yesterday was March 10, Lacey's due date & guess what? No baby still. People this thing is stuck I think. She is having another complication & that's why, but she'll go on Thursday & see if she has to have a c-section & then if she does, it'll be scheduled.

My dad is still very sick. He went to work only Friday of last week, then made it on Monday. I think he stayed for 2 or 3 hours on Tuesday & didn't go today. He did get an antibiotic yesterday at the doctor as well as some cough meds so hopefully he'll be well again soon. When he went to the doctor yesterday, he had lost 12 pounds since he was at the hospital on last Wednesday! My dad (well both my parents) are sticks so 12 pounds is a lot of weight. I hope he gains it all back soon.

So other than that, things are going fine. We took the girls' TV's out of their rooms last night because they weren't going to sleep & then very crabby the next morning & wanting to take very long naps. Let me just say that it's going to be a long couple of nights until they get used to this new routine, but hopefully they catch on soon. Once the tears quit & they fell asleep, they got the best nights sleep they've had in a very long time. That meant I got some very good sleep too & I am glad because I needed it. I even quit reading early enough to be in bed by 10:40.

There is my little update, I hope to update more often. Hopefully I'll be updating about a baby in the near future, but little chubby one doesn't seem to want to come out.


Jennie said...

Good to hear from you...I was starting to think the medication didn't come in and you were sleeping somewhere!

12 pounds...that is alot of weight for someone without alot of meat. I'll be praying for your dad that he might gain his health back quickly.

And the tv's...ugh...I've keep telling myself I need to take that tv out of there room and get back to our strict bedtime book routine instead of bedtime bee movie routine. I'm just dreading the tears and fits that might accompany it. Let me know how it goes for you!

Once again...glad to see you're back!

KC said...

Ugh.. hope your dad is doing better soon. Sorry to here the girls keep getting the fevers also.. for 4 weeks they kept telling me Aubrie's was just a virus.. but her throat was bright red each time and they tested for strep each time. ONLY it kept coming back neg. so they would call it a virus.. So when Monday's test came back Pos for strep I was so happy because they won't treat a virus at least now she has an A/B and they are treating her.. WOW and here we thought your sister might give birth too early.. Hope that baby comes soon.. will keep everyone in my prayers..

Steph said...

I've been MIA latley too, hope your sister has the baby soon. Glad to hear dad is getting better.

Andrea said...

Ohh, I can't wait to hear the news about that little baby...I hope that little one decides to enter the world soon. :)

And I know what you mean about a good book...I have the same problem as you do when I start reading a realllly good book!