Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What was he thinking?

I have a bunch of pictures from the shower on Saturday, but have not had time to upload them to the computer yet. I am hoping to do that tomorrow and just do a whole montage of pics for my wordless wednesday. However, my cousin e-mailed me some pictures of Callee at the shower & I'm not sure when all this transpired because I missed it, but when I saw them I was cracking up. Enjoy!

My mom and I had gone Thursday night to get the "prizes" for Lacey's shower and a few other last minute items. My mom decided to wrap the gifts on Friday while she had the girls so Taylor got to help her wrap - bad idea! Taylor also then at the shower took the basket of "prizes" around when someone won one and passed them out. Instead of letting them pick, she would hand them one and say "Would you like a (fill in the blank)?" since she knew what all of them were. We got that situation straightened out and she stopped handing them out and letting people pick their own, but my aunt had picked a prize & said, "Taylor, is this a good one?" She looked at it for a minute, then said, "Oh yeah, you don't want to put that one back, it's a bag of candy!" She was too funny.

One last Taylor story (only because I don't ever want to forget this one.) After the shower Saturday evening Ashley, Mike's sister Tina & I were going to go out to dinner. Taylor wanted to tag along & because she is a super cool 4 1/2 year old we let her. We went to a restaurant that has TV's at every booth so ours of course was tuned in to Nickelodeon. The show H2O came on and Taylor was soooo happy (it is a REALLY stupid show, but to a 4 year old, it's great!) Mike's sister found out the name of the show & here is the conversation that transpired from that:

Tina: Taylor, do you know what H2O is?
Taylor: Yea, it's a show! (looking at her aunt like she is an idiot.)
Tina: It's not just a show it is also water
Taylor: Huh? Mom is it really?
Me: Yea Taylor, H2O is the chemical compound of water.

Then we all decided it'd be great to teach her that so we drilled it in her head the rest of dinner & on the way home. She now tells anyone who will listen that H2O is the chemical compound of water. We went out to lunch with my aunt and uncle after church & she had to tell both of them. Then their was a couple at the same restaurant that also go to our church sitting at the table behind us. She was standing over there talking to them and they were asking her about Sunday School & Kinder Church. Taylor then looks at the guy (the couple is about mid 50's) & says, "Do you know H2O is the chemical compound of water?" The mans eyes got really big and he said, "Do you know you are really smart?" My humble child responds, "Yea!" and then walks away. It is really funny to hear her say it though. It's not what you expect to come out of a 4 year olds mouth, that's for sure.

Now to the what was he thinking in the title. I watch the Bachelor. I loved Jason on the Bachelorette & was mad at Deanna for not choosing him, but everyone has a choice & she made the wrong one. So I have definitely made sure to tune in this season & I have loved Stephanie from the very beginning. He got rid of her last night! What is that all about? I understand & respect his decison, what he said to her & how she handled it, but I still wish they would've been able to be together. I am definitely disappointed & if he doesn't let the one girl go next week, I won't watch any further. I can't stand one of the four left & I think she needs to go!


Janice {Run Far} said...

which girl can't you stand? I liked Stephanie alot, but I never felt they were right for each other. I hope they pick her for the next bachelorette, she was awesome.
I hope neither of these girls are who you hate but I like Molly and Melissa. Not Naomi.... UGH

Courtney said...

Naomi is the one I can't stand....I hope Melissa wins, but wouldn't be too disappointed with Molly either. I don't love or hate Jillian so whatever to her, but Naomi must go and soon

Angela said...

Too cute about Taylor.
It is great, the things that come out of their mouth at that age.

AZMom said...

LOL Your daughter is too cute and you have made her very clever too :-)

Shane said...

I do believe that she is the female version of Alex!! How odd that these two are sooooo much alike!!

Shane said...
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Shana W. said...

So, that is what she was teaching others about...lol!! To funny! :o)