Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Unknown

I am really not sure what Callee has. She started last Thursday (2/19) saying she didn't feel good. When I went through the normal list (ears, throat, belly) of ailments & she replied no to all of them I just figured it was her 3 year molars that she's been getting for about 3 months now.

Monday (2/23) she started running a fever, being very whiny & clingy & just not looking too healthy. She said her head hurt & her throat & she developed a cough & VERY runny nose. The fever continued (not coming down with Motrin or Tylenol) until yesterday afternoon. You see she hasn't been drinking or peeing so I was starting to get very concerned about dehydration. Before the fever came down I decided to call the doctor because I was almost sure this was the same virus my mom & I have been fighting for close to two months, but with dehydration looming I didn't want to chance anything. I will not waste our time or money to hear, "It's a virus, she needs plenty of rest & fluids." So the doctor calls back and says that there is a nasty virus going around that has the same symptoms I described & to try to push the fluids. He said not to worry about bringing her in unless she stopped drinking completely, started only peeing once a day (as opposed to the twice a day she had been doing) or if her fever wasn't gone by Friday.

My mom called me after their nap & told me Callee had peed for the second time that day (which was a huge feat in itself) and that she was drinking alligator (Callee-ese for gatorade.) Her fever was gone & it looked like we were back to just a cold with more activity out of her. My mom said she still gave her the Motrin just in case (fever & body aches), but that she was down playing and she was becoming really hyper. That lasted all through the evening and at bed time I gave her the Benedryl (her nose doesn't stop running without it & then she can't sleep) and one last dose (I hoped) of Motrin. I put her to bed & then went to tuck Taylor in. Guess what happened then? Taylor had a fever & said her ear & throat hurt. I gave her some Motrin, but by 10:00 she was in our bed where she slept the rest of the night.

When Mike got home from work I told him I'd just go sleep with Callee because she was still having nasal issues & I knew she wasn't going to stay in her bed all night and all 4 of us cannot fit in our bed & get the rest we need. Well I was right because Callee was up 4 times between 11:30 & 5:45. The last time she got up she jumped up and yelled..."I have to go pee!" So I get up to take her & then she starts crying & says, "I think I all ready peed." She did because my shirt was urine soaked. My children are very lucky I love them. While I was stripping & cleaning her bed & cleaning her up I noticed she was burning up again. I did what I needed to do & gave her another dose of Motrin. We then moved to our bed where Mike ended up getting up & moving to the couch because of the crowdedness.

Taylor had no fever this morning, but said her ears were still bothering her & my mom said she has either been whining or crying all morning. Callee still had a fever when I dropped her off at my mom's. I am waiting for my mom to call back after they wake up from their nap, but I guess Callee may be making a trip to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure this is a virus (which I am almost positive it is) & if Taylor continues tonight like she did last night, she will be tagging along.

I am just grateful that this is the first time (knock on wood) since I took them out of daycare that they have been actually sick. Now if we can just get them better again.

Btw, the picture from yesterday was taken on Tuesday night. I think the dehydration & fever had just kicked her butt & she basically looked like death warmed over.


Janice {Run Far} said...

there is some nasty stuff going around right now. My house has been lucky to have only had very slight colds. *knock on wood*

Mimi's Toes said...

Everyone has had it or has it. It seems like the worse year for sinus and colds. I had it last weekend and I am so glad to be feeling better this week.

Kellan said...

Oh, I'm so sorry they are feeling so bad! I hope you get it figured out soon and they get to feeling lots better soon. It's so frustrating when you can't figure those darn viruses/fevers out - ugh!

Take care - Kellan

Jennie said...

Poor girls! My two youngest are on antibiotics for strep. They both had fevers and weren't eating or drinking. They were pretty much just laying around and crying if I wasn't sitting with them. The doctor said there are some wierd strains of strep going around. I wonder if the girls caught it? Good luck and I hope they are feeling better soon!

AZMom said...

Poor baby!!! I do hope she gets well and soon!!!!

Big hugs to both of you!!!

OHmommy said...

Oh my gosh Courtney there are so many bugs going around. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. When the little ones are sick Mama feels bad too.

AZMom said...

Just checking to see if everyone was feeling better. {{{HUGS}}}

I posted an update on my 2nd blog about Busy Boy. My birthday was very a very good day for him too

Give your girls hugs from me and tell them to get well soon!

Angela said...

I do hope everyone gets feeling better.

Shana W. said...

My goodness! I hope everyone is feeling better. :o)

Steph said...

Oh I feel for you but don't feel too bad about being peed on I had one of mine throw up in my mouth Can you say love at it's best??