Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay so I'm not sure if it is considered bragging if I want your opinion. Although there is definitely a level of pride felt by this mother regardless of opinion.

I think Taylor is an extremely smart child (what mother doesn't), but with kids today things are so advanced that I am not so sure. My mother thinks she's smart too, but her baby is 20 so things have changed a lot since then. I am asking you, the women who read my blog to give me your honest opinion. Most of you have kids around Taylor's age or a little older. This is in no way to boast about my child or to make you all think I think less of your child if they can't do the same things (I get accused of that a lot by my family: aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) Is Taylor smart or just an average 4 (almost 5) year old?

Here are some examples to go off of:

  • She was doing a connect the dots activity Wednesday & when I opened the page I noticed the mumbers went up to 50. I figured there was no way she'd be able to do it without help, but she not only recognized the numbers, she counted aloud with it too. Who knows how high the kid can actually count. I thought it was only 30, but last night she had no problem counting & recognizing to 50. I am wondering if the connect the dot game went to 100 what number she would've started having trouble with.
  • When we were playing Go Fish & she went out, she counted her pairs & said, "I have 9." I said, "Let me count mine. (pause for counting) I have 12." She said, "Oh you won again!" Is it normal for a 4 year old to be able to realize 12 is more than 9 so that means I won?
  • She knows how to spell & write her first & last name, Callee, mom, dad & if you tell her how to spell something she can write it.
  • She knows her entire address (house number, street, city, state & zip code) and her phone number.
  • She knows her birthday and Callee's birthday.

The list really could go on & on, but I won't bore you & I don't want to be accused of anything. She starts kindergarten in the fall so I am really happy that she seems to just pick stuff up so easily, but I am she just average? I don't care either way, but I'd like to know & I'd like an unbiased opinion.

Btw, when she finished the 50 connect the dot, I looked at her and said, "Wow, how'd you know all those numbers & how'd you learn to count to 50?" Her response, "Because I am super smart!" I had to laugh at her because my cousin Shane has an 8 year old who is (and always has been) extremely smart. He will tell you, "Hi, I'm Alex & I'm smart!" I think Taylor is the female version of Alex.

So leave your opinion (even if they're not what you think I want to hear. I'll have my big girl panties on when I read the comments so I can handle it.)


Shane said...

Well, once again I think that if they weren't different sexes I would think they were cloned! She seems a whole lot like Alex, you never know what they actually know until they do it. Sounds like she will not have to study much. My bubble is slowly deflating because Alex is now having trouble with little details at school because he is rushing...I'm sure she will have the same problem...hard to help when they think they know everything!!

Janice {Run Far} said...

um... yep... she is def super smart for her age. Way to go. How nice to have her know all that stuff before she even starts Kindergarten.

Kellan said...

I think she sounds especially bright and when she enters kindergarten, if it continues, you might consider having her tested (for the gifted program). My twins were identified at age 5 as gifted and it has benefited them immensely.

Have a great weekend, Courtney - Kellan

Timmy's Girl said...

My 2cents...I saw you asking for Kristi's opinion on her blog. Yes, she is smart! And my way of seeing things is even if she was still just muttering 2 words or so, I would applaud her. It is apparent how much you love your girls and I would say a lot of why she is getting all this is because she feels so secure and esteemed and adored by you. You deserve some serious credit here!! I remember when my eldest son, turned 16 today, started reading at age 4. I thought: GENIUS! I realized later that the reason the little man was so advanced is because his mama had spent the last 4 years, starting during pregnancy, to read to him after every meal. He is such a smart young man. So, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

Cute girls, btw! God bless you.
xoxo, Veronica in CA

AZMom said...

She sounds a lot like Bug at that age. I know kids in daycare tend to be ahead of the curve going into kindergarten. Bug was not in daycare so I knew she was (and continues be) WAY ahead of her peers in school.

I would keep an eye on her. If she continues to excel in kindy, then make sure the teacher knows she is advanced and has extra activities to keep her busy once she finishes her work. As she gets older, we can talk more too.

I would definitely say she is ahead of the game now. Encourage the math and encourage her to read, read, read!

Jennie said...

Hey Courtney,

Yes, your little Taylor is above the average! Congrats! I wish my Devin picked things up that easy. He thinks that the alphabet is the soul sucking Devil and refuses to do anything if it involves it.

Angela said...

You should be proud of her. I am not sure about that age level yet. Gregory hasn't gotten there.
But go ahead and brag and I wouldn't really call it bragging it is your blog after all.
It is great to be happy about your child's accomplishments.

Plus if she thinks she is smart then she must be.

Melissa said...

i think you should be beaming!! she sounds quite bright. hopefully, the kindergarten she is heading towards will be able to accommodate her and gear her work towards her abilities. because it would suck if she became kindergarten...and began to tune out!!

Shana W. said...

You should be a very proud mommy. Sounds like she is above and beyond where she should be.