Thursday, December 11, 2008

TT 13 minus 3 - why I am a scrooge no more

  1. My kids - There is something so magical about Christmas when you have little kids. They are all excited and every little thing amazes them.
  2. Focusing on the reason for the season. - I have always been a very high strung person so I have always hated the pressure and commercialism of Christmas. I no longer care about that, people are usually happy with their gifts regardless so why should I stress out? Jesus was born and that is the most amazing gift anyways.
  3. Family - I have a great family and it is just another reason for us to get together and be happy. It is also one of the few times a year Mike's entire family gets together so that's always nice too.
  4. Giving gifts - I love to try to find the "perfect" gift for my loved ones. This year my sister got my mom the perfect gift, but I can try and get a close second, right?
  5. Watching everyone open gifts - There is a twinkle in every one's eye while opening gifts no matter how old you are.
  6. Getting gifts - I'd be lying if I said I didn't like receiving gifts, but I do like giving them much more and would be just as happy if I didn't get anything.
  7. Lights - I love going driving and seeing all the lights on people's houses. I have always liked this part, but both of my kids have made it that much more special with their "Look more lights!" comments.
  8. Toys for tots, angel trees and the Salvation Army - those who do without all year get something a little more special this time of year. I can't do it this year, but next Christmas I believe the girls and I (and hopefully Mike) will volunteer in a soup kitchen. It will teach my kids to be grateful while we are giving back to our community.
  9. The music - I used to cringe when I would hear Christmas music, but now I actually enjoy it and have a play list on YouTube of all my favorites that I listen to while I'm working.
  10. The Ora - Most people seem to be in better spirits even with all the extra spending and stress. They are more likely to hold a door open, say Merry Christmas and smile at you.

I'll try to think of numbers 11, 12 and 13 and add them, but that's all I can come up with right now.


Kristi said...

Great list. I'm glad you didn't wait until you had 13. I always think of my best blog entries when I'm in the shower. maybe some more will come to you there.

Jess T said...

Love it!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Super list Courtney. I think #3 is my favorite. This is the perfect time of year to celebrate family!

Angela said...

Yes I do quite agree about children brightening the whole time of year. I would add the yummy smelling food and treats. Like gingerbread ornaments. I made those today and that is why I bring it up. My whole place smells yummy.


AZMom said...

Great list Courtney! I love watching my kids open presents and we went and saw some lights last night and it was oh and wow and oh look in the car. That is my favorite part too :-) I also want to volunteer in a soup kitchen because my oldest does not quite get it sometimes. I think it would be a good experience for her.