Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My own reviews

So Mike and I watched two movies this weekend and I finished the book I started on Tuesday. I'm sure all of you have seen the two movies, but I am still going to give my two cents on them and the book, well if you've read my profile you know I love anything by Nicholas Sparks. I thought I had read all of his books, but my mom had one I had never read. Since I had my sleep study and knew I would need something to fill the two hour voids between sleeping, I took the book with me. It was called Three Weeks With My Brother.

I'm not sure what it was about this weekend, but apparently I needed a reminder to appreciate my family and slow down, everything else will be there when you get around to it. I would recommend anything by Nicholas Sparks to anyone, but I wouldn't start with this book. It was an excellent book. It is a memoir of sorts about a 3 week trip him and his brother took around the world and it also retells the story of his life, the ups and downs and the wonderful little things in between (you will laugh, you will cry & you will feel triumphant when they finally get the answers.) It also explains how he became a writer. It was a very quick read and I would recommend it to anyone, but if you have never read any of his books (I'm sure you've seen a few of the movies though) I would read A Bend In The Road first. Great book, a suspenseful love story!

So the first movie that we watched was The Dark Knight. The movie overall was okay. It wasn't a bad movie, but it didn't completely live up to my expectations (there was a lot of hype for this movie so I think that kind of killed it for me.) Heath Ledger as the Joker? Brilliant. That man certainly can act, it's a shame he isn't around any longer to continue acting. I say watch the movie if you like Heath Ledger, but if not, it isn't worth the 2.5 hours.

We also watched Click with Adam Sandler. Can you tell we don't watch too many movies? I told you all of you have probably all ready seen them, but I was still giving my two cents. Between this movie and the book, I really got to thinking how often I put things above my family. I always tell the girls I'll read to them in a little while after I finish cleaning or laundry or whatever else I just HAVE to get done that day. I am going to try to stop doing that so often. I think this movie was really good and the message was definitely sent to me, even if no one else got it or learned from it.

So there is my book review and two movie reviews. Have a Happy Tuesday!


My Wonderful Men said...

We did a lot of movies too. I'm with you on the Dark Knight movie. Mike loves it though.

Haven't seen Click.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh we like "Click"... it had a nice message in the end... my husband actually got a little teary eyed :)

OHmommy said...

Oh, Courtney. We never watch any movies either and just watched Click last weekend.

The nice thing about never watching movies is that they are cheap when you get around to watching them, no?