Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A quick post

First of all, Taylor goes back to the doctor December 8 and that's when we'll find out the results of her blood tests. I guess I should have posted that in the last post, but it slipped my mind.

Second, I also forgot to post a prayer request for a woman that we met while in the waiting room at the doctors office. She started talking to my mom and obviously needed to blow off some steam because she just kept venting. My mom could tell you more, but what I heard of it is her 5 year old daughter that was with her is deaf and also has turrets syndrome (not sure of the spelling) and her son who is 14 (I believe) is bi-polar and also has turrets. She is obviously going through some tough times, but the part that really broke my heart is that the neighbor's daughter is about the same age as her daughter, but isn't allowed to play with her because of the turrets and her being deaf. I just don't understand why some people are so ignorant. We teach our kids to be tolerant if a child has two moms or two dads, not to judge by the color of their skin or how much money the family has, but why are we not teaching them to be tolerant of things like this? It completely blows my mind. Think about it, your child would learn sign language, what a great second language to pick up at a young age.

This mother had a lot of other things she vented about too, but that is the one I really wanted to share and didn't feel like I was invading her privacy. Please keep her in your prayers. A couple of times while talking to my mom she teared up and our hearts broke for her. I don't know if she goes to church or not, but I am praying for some peace to wash over her and if she does not go to church someone would come into her life and invite her. We would have, but she lives an hour away.


My Wonderful Men said...

That is sad that kids just can't be kids and play together. What some parents teach their children.

Jess T said...

That stinks.

KC said...

That is sad, and I think we all need to teach our children that just because someone has something wrong with them, they are still people who need our love.. but I'm trying not to judge.. I mean did this other mother just come right out and say No my daughter can't play with you daughter.. or was there more to it.. I mean at 4 and 5 years old.. the other little girl could really be scared or afraid of the turrets actions.. I mean I think we need to show our children there really isn't anything to be afraid of.. but at 4 or 5 years old, we can't over look our childrens fears and tell them to just get over them either.. so maybe seeing the turrets was scaring the little girl and keeping her up at night or something.. Sort of like my Sweet Pea was afraid of alot of things, one thing being dogs that were bigger then her.. to the point that she was dealy afraid to go anywhere around her best friends house or if they were walking the dog down the street she would run screaming into the house.(OK I know it sounds awful to compair a child to a dog but bear with me) She was just too young to understand that even though the dog was big he was nice and wasn't going to hurt her and no amount of me telling her over and over was going to get that though her head.. and making her go up to the dog to see for herself would have just tramatized her more.. She just needed time to grow out of her fear.. and maybe that is all this little girl needs if that is the case.. Just some time to grow up and mature a little bit to where she will no longer be scared... if that is the case..
I do feel bad for the mother and the other little girl though.. I don't think I have mentioned this.. but when my Princess was 3 years old she was having trouble.. and the doctor scared me to death before her test results came in, he told me she could have turrets.. so I did alot of looking into turrets.. thankfully what Princess was having was motor seizures and was able to be controlled with medicen. So I"m not just being my comment here, I'm just trying to look at both sides, because as a mother of a child with something like that I wouldn't want people to avoid my child and it would hurt me.. but as a mother on the other end of things I wouldn't force my child to do something that would give them nightmears at night either.. a 4 or 5 year old can't really control what they fear yet.. so while I would try to teach them there is nothing to fear and try to get them willing to be friends with the other child, I wouldn't force it if it wasn't best for my child..

I'll keep the mother and her family in my prayers.

Kellan said...

I'll keep these people in my prayers! And you too. Kellan

AZMom said...

Unfortunately I know first hand how mean some kids and their parents can be. I was once told that some child couldn't play with mine because they were Asian. I will definitely say a prayer of strength for that woman.

Angela said...

Many times people with disabilities are stuck on the outside, almost as if it is contagious or something. I can assure you no one has ever caught blindness from me.
I don’t really think it is children who have the problem. I have found that children are some of the most understanding people. The adults are the ones who don’t get it.
I think of all the differences people have referring to skin color or background the disability community will be the last to be accepted in certain things.
This hasn’t stopped me too much. I am very hard headed and get where I need to be going one way or another.

What the mother was complaining about is very common and very frustrating. It does help to let it all out though.
I know when my parents found out my vision loss was permanent they had a very hard time with it. I just took it as part of life and life just wasn’t fair or easy.
I know it has to be different when it is your own child.