Thursday, October 16, 2008

sweet moments

as you are driving down the road you can so sweetly hear the words to bennie and the jets and yellow brick road being belted out from my back seat. callee's song choice is yellow brick road and taylor's is bennie (or billy as taylor so fondly calls it no matter how many times you tell her it's bennie) and the jets. they both have their favorite parts but attempt to sing the whole thing!

taylor fell a little while ago and hit her head pretty hard on the wall. when she started to cry callee came over and rubbed her back. when she calmed down callee got in her face and asked, "what happened baby? don't cry it's ok." did i mention they were playing that callee was taylors mommy?

they have been getting along great lately and i couldn't be happier about that. yes i am aware that i just jinxed myself, but i had to brag on my girls a little. too many times it seems that i am always pointing out their faults on here. i thought it was time for a change.

i hope everyone has a good weekend. we have a sleepover at church on friday and then mike and i are headed to columbus on saturday for a house warming party for his friends. it looks like it will also be a high school reunion of sorts for mike too. should be fun for him. more about how that goes on monday!

now i have to go discipline taylor for jumping on the bed and get them in their beds.


My Wonderful Men said...

Sleepover sounds like fun, it doesn't sound like much sleeping will be going on.

It's always fun to see old friends.

Have a great weekend.

Shana said...

I am sure that they are many many sweet, great, and wonderful moments in your household! I promise that I don't think it is all bad. :o)

Have a GREAT week-end!!!

Kellan said...

Hope you all have a good weekend, Courtney - see you next week - Kellan

Angela said...

Oh that must have been sweet to see.

Have a good evening.

Kellan said...

Came by to say Hi! Hope you had a good day - see you - Kellan

KC said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend planned, how did it go?? Did you ever get the rest of the results from Taylor's blood work back??