Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not so much of a baby

Callee has given up the binky weeks ago and is still doing wonderfully. We were trying to potty train right before that, but when it came down to the binky or the potty the binky needed to go first (it was starting to shift her teeth) so we let the potty training subside for a little while. Now Callee is asking to go and wanting to wear underwear, but here is our dilemma. She can sit on the potty for 20 - 40 minutes and not go. When I try to put a diaper on her there is a total melt down so I will give in and tell her "We don't pee in big girl underwear." Her response is always, "I won't, I'm a big girl now!" Within two minutes she'll start to pee, but she catches herself. I put her back on the toilet and nothing. This time I let her throw her tantrum and within minutes the diaper is soaked.

Any ideas on how to get her to relax enough to go? I have tried leaving her alone in the bathroom which can be dangerous, I have sat in there and just talked to her about her day or rubbed her back. We have tried running the water and nothing is working. I feel awful because she wants it so bad and I have no idea how to help her. I do realize that she is not even 2 1/2, but it's sad to see her so upset because she has to put a diaper on.

Callee is also turning into a little girl and leaving her "babiness" behind. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course it is always great to watch your kids grow and learn, but she is my last so I wish I could hold onto it forever.

Every night Mike calls on his lunch and when he talks to Callee she always says, "I miss you, I want you daddy!" It is heartbreaking. Then she kisses and hugs the phone and with an "I love you" she is off playing with her babies again.

She plays baby dolls every night with Taylor and when the baby is crying she always stoops down and says, "Come here baby." Then she rocks it saying, "Shh, shh, shh." Too funny to watch.

This is her newest thing. She will spread her arms far apart and then say, "Tada, thank you, thank you much," as in thank you very much as she is bowing for anyone around. I have no idea where she got this, but I am assuming daycare. It caught me in a bad mood the first time she did it and let's just say it really lightened the mood.

Finally, periodically throughout the day I will ask both of the girls if they love me. As I was putting Callee to bed last night after I had told her I loved her, read to her and said her prayers I was getting ready to walk out of the room when she stopped me and asked so sweetly, "Mommy, you love me?" I smiled and said, "Yes Callee I love you!" Then I went back in for one last kiss and hug.

Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Can you believe blogger doesn't think babiness is a word? Well I just made it one!


Andrea said...

Aww...that's tough with the potty training issue! I have another friend who also is having trouble getting her kid to go on the potty...but 2 seconds later he will go in his diaper/pants! Honestly...I have no good advice though...sorry!! I hope your hard work and consistence pays off though and she is able to pee in the potty soon!!

KC said...

I honestly think they will just go when they are ready to go.. but some things to make it fun is stickers.. you could make a sticker chart and every time she pees in the potty she gets to put a sticker on it.. I was less creative with Little Man and just used a notbook. we used a new page each day and he got to put a sticker on the page every time he went then when he went two weeks of getting sticker(you could do any number of days) he got a small toy as a gift for going potty.
Then to help her relax on the potty..are you useing the big potty with a ring or a little potty chair?? if it's the big potty she might just feel scared up there and you might need to try a potty chair.. if it's the potty chair she might like the big potty better, both of my girls were potty chair users.. Sweet Pea was afraid of the big potty for a long time.. But both boys wanted nothing to do with the potty chair and just wanted the big potty from the get go..
Then once you find a chair she likes to sit on.. take a ton of books into the bathroom and leave them there and then read to her while she is on the potty until she goes.. you can even read the different potty training books at that time to her.. the muppets had one and huggies made one called I'm a big kid now and there are others. but also read some of her other books.. and just read till she goes.
But then I also think if she is sitting there for 20 minutes then chances are she doesn't need to go at that time.. watch her and see what time she is going.. how long after she eats or drinks..and just sort of judge when you think she needs to go.. I don't think you can force anyone to pee if they don't have too.. Might just be that she is sitting there not having to go.. but 5 minutes later(like when you get her underpants on her) is the time she has to go.

Shana said...

What a tough thing, potty training! I really have no new advice, even after training three, because they are all so different. I would try the sticker chart though, that is what worked from Caleb. I gave Andrew three Skittles (his choice of colors) when he went. If she has a "reason" to potty, maybe she will. And with Brayden we tried all the tricks, nothing worked until he was ready to do!!!

And I hear you loud and clear when it comes to them growing up to fast!

AZMom said...

Both my kids potty trained easily so all I can say is hang in there!!

That is so sweet with the I love you's and the thank you thank you very much. Bug does that a lot too and has since she was about 3.

Heather of the EO said...

Oh my! The same thing happens to my son! He can sit forever and NOTHING comes out even though he seems calm. It's like he can't really relax unless there's a diaper or underwear touching, you know...down there. Sometimes I think he'll never potty train. I've laid off for awhile cause it just ain't happening right now. And he's 3 and a half! aaaahhh!


So I feel your pain, that's my point. ;)

My Wonderful Men said...

This might sound strange but I use to put a Cheerio piece of cereal in the toilet and make it a game. Of course I had a boy who was using it as a target but you could try something like that.
Believe it or not some kids are afraid to let it (# 1-2) fall because it's always been so close to their body before.
Do you have a sticker chart and rewards sets up for her?
Good luck.

Kristi said...

I lived by the running around naked method with both of my kids and it worked pretty quickly with both. If we had to go somewhere, I put them in underwear, went straight to the bathroom when we got to wherever we were going, went again before we left, and many times in between, and then stripped back down to just shirt when we got home. I swear by this method. It worked within weeks for both of my boys.