Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My head is bouncing around from subject to subject so this could be a very random post!

First of all, I went back to the doctor yesterday for some results of the blood work that I needed to have done. Things didn't come back real well and I have to go to a specialist about 40 minutes away to see what the next course of action is and get a final diagnosis. I hate taking medication and I will probably be on some type of maintenance meds along with my migraine maintenance meds now. I am not looking forward to it.

My younger (pregnant) sister has had a few issues with her boyfriend/friend/baby's father, I never know what he is to her on any given day so it's all very complicated apparently. Anyways, he has become very controlling (saw this coming) and showed a lot of the signs of my older sister's ex husband (who was very abusive.) Lacey has decided to cut off all ties with him except when it comes to the baby. He is having a hard time dealing with this and she may have to get a restraining order to deal with it, but really I couldn't be more proud of her for getting out and not being stupid any longer. She is doing very well and has another doctor's appointment today (she should find out the sex although all 3 of us sisters think it's a boy.)

That sweet face you see above has a few problems. One is lying all.the.time. We are working on correcting this, but it is not easy! Another one is crying or whining. I swear if the child is not crying or whining then she is lying. She cries so much that the other night I had to put her in bed with us and cuddle her back to sleep because she was crying hysterically. When she got up in the morning she asked why I put her in our bed and I told her because I couldn't get her to stop crying. She doesn't remember it at all. She does it so much she is even doing it in her sleep. We are all working on our behavior and the way we speak to each other and if all goes well this week I have something special planned for Friday night. I hope it all works out because I think they'll like it.

Look at how chubby Callee's legs are! I love this picture because it shows her cute, chubby thighs, but also the bottom of her shirt is coming up so it shows her chubby little belly too! I love it. Callee is working on being nice to her sister and not hitting, pinching or biting. This is a big thing for her and we are working on keeping our hands to ourselves. I will be glad when they learn these very valuable lessons because it is almost always a warzone in our house right now.

Sisterhood is kind of funny to me. These two are always either telling on each other, hitting, biting, pinching etc. and then once in a while if you listen really closely you will hear them playing amazingly well together. It is all very strange to me.

One last story and then I'll end this extremely random, long post. On the way to daycare this morning I hear a little voice in the back seat saying, "Come here Taylor. I can't get out, but you can come here!" Apparently Callee thinks Taylor is allowed to wander around the car, just not her. Too cute that kid!


Andrea said...

Good luck with working on your daughters lying/crying/whining problem! I remember I used to be REALLY bad for crying ALL the time too when I was a kid.

AZMom said...

BTDT still doing it with my 2 and they are way older than yours. Hang in there. I hope the medical stuff works itself out.


Steph said...

Ok your girls are soooo stinkin' cute I can't stand it!!!! Wish we lived closer I coudl totally see my Lauren with your girls

KC said...

LOL the girls are so cute and yes they sound like sisters to me.. I'm still working with Little Man on the hitting, pitching, pushing and bitting thing.. you would think after 3 years of working on this he would get it, but then he gets upset and boom he is hitting, pitching or bitting me or someone around him.. ~sigh~ He is my only one who did this.. my older 3 spoiled me.
Sorry about the blood work.. keep us posted and I'll keep ya in my prayers.

Kristi said...

Isn't it frustrating how once you get one undesirable behavior conquored, another shows it's pretty little face. We had the lying issue for a little while but I just kept parsing him when he told the truth and eventually the phase worked it's way out.

I hope your testes all come out okay. When I had to go on hormones about 6 months ago, knowing I would have to keep them the rest of my life, I went into a small depression for awhile.