Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aren't we all adults?

I am honestly worried about writing about my frustrations, etc. here because so many of my fellow bloggers have experienced such negative feedback from fellow bloggers when writing about similar issues. I do not want to get into a battle with someone and have them cut me down and make me feel terrible because trust me I do feel terrible about these things all ready without any one elses help. In all reality (or my opinion) if most people were honest with themselves I think it is a very normal feeling and I think at one point or another we all have various feelings that we aren't proud of and that we are almost embarrassed to talk about. My thought is maybe if we did talk about this stuff so many people would open up about it, feel better and have a support instead of feeling alone and confused.

If you have been attacked by someone on your blog is it hard to ignore the person and be the bigger person? Am I wrong in thinking that a lot of people have embarrassing and/or shameful feelings from time to time? Do any of you wish others would have warned you about something before you had kids or is there something that you wish was talked about more often so people or maybe even you didn't feel so alone. Post partum (sp?) depression is one of the big things that has just recently came to light and I think it is great that so many people have shared their thoughts, feelings, and emotions during that time. What are your thoughts and/or ideas?


My Wonderful Men said...

The fact is people are not always going to be so nice when we put things out there for people to read. I think we all have had someone leave a not so nice comment before. And yes, it hurts but hey a lot of us have a lot of bloggy love for each other that makes up for the not so nice ones.
I say blog what you feel and know we are there for you and probably have been there done that. I think that's what this whole bloggy thing is about to make friends and be there for each other as mom's. There will always be some who spoil it once in awhile but don't let that get you down. I know I'm going on and on but you've always been good at expressing yourself don't stop now.

Kellan said...

You know that I often tell things about my life where I have screwed up or are not exactly proud of how I have handled something - I try to write these stories with humor, but they are often serious issues and I have been "attacked" several times about my "poor parenting" or being irresponsible, etc. It is hard to ignore these assaults and I think it is human nature to try to defend ourselves, but ... none of us are perfect and YES - there are thousands of things that no one tells you about before you have kids that should be talked about - thousands!

I am posting your "Be Happy With What You Have" post tomorrow On The Upside - it's up now. I could not get the picture of the placque to load - I don't know why - something with Blogger? Thanks for being guest blogger and letting me use this post - it's a great topic! Link to it if you'd like. Have a good evening, Courtney! SEe you - Kellan

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and admiring my design over at Kristi's place (Music Mom of 2).

As far as your question here, I have seen alot of cruel commentors on blogs that I frequent (mostly Down syndrome blogs since mine is one also). You wouldn't believe some of the things people say to moms who chose life. Anyhow, I have opened up about alot of different things on my blog without any rude comments, but I am sure it will eventually happen. I usually tell my blogging buddies that experience this stuff to just delete and keep on keepin' on. I don't think we as bloggers should only post to please others. This is YOUR blog! You do with it however you please, and if somebody doesn't like something, then they just don't have to read it, right?

Kristi said...

I agree completely with Shannon. The criticisms I get over my blog usually come from my family. I don;t know if that's good or bad but they are the reasons I closed my comments to anonymous commenters. My bloggy friends tend to be supportive. I agree that this is your blog and you should not have to be subjected to painful words.

AZMom said...

Sweetie, all I can say is put it out there and delete the cruel, mean comments. I put my comments on moderation for that exact issue although I have not been slammed yet. I do it mainly to keep the spammers away (which I have deleted a few of those).

We are all here for you and even though my kids are adopted and we went through tons of classes and were told about a lot of issues, it is STILL hard and there are times I question my sanity. We are dealing with a lot of issues with Busy Boy right now and I am having a hard time with that. I will post about that tomorrow but we are meeting with his doctor today to figure out what to do.

Big hugs hon!!!! As always, I'm here for you on blogland or via email!

Aria said...

Amen Sistah! lol I, luckily, haven't had any cruelly negative feedback from my post 'Unhinged', but I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd gotten some. I basically put my whole ugly self right out there. Buh-sted! Hopefully you don't get any meanies when you put your insides on the paper. If you do, most likely the meanie is pointing out your 'stuff' to keep from looking at their own... Love & light to you! Aria