Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yes, this is a PSA

I am a little irritated so bear with me. This is not only a PSA, but a rant and mama bear is coming out with her claws out.

I picked the girls up from daycare yesterday and Taylor's teacher says she needed to talk to me. Apparently Taylor snuck in her Disney nail polish. The kind that is real, but doesn't smell like regular nail polish and doesn't stain. She has been asking to take her make up to school and I keep telling her no so she snuck it in. She got in trouble for lying, being deceitful and breaking daycare rules because they aren't allowed to have that stuff there. The only punishment she received was she is no longer allowed to take anything to daycare (and I will check her pockets) and she isn't allowed to play with her make up the rest of the week.

I was easy on her because when I asked her about it she burst into tears. She just kept repeating, "I just want them to like me, why don't they like me?" My heart broke. I was talking to her teacher and her a little more and learned there are a group of 5 kids who have gone to this daycare since birth and won't let the other kids play with them. They are really mean to the other kids, call them names and have even been known to hit. Well, the one girl told Taylor if she brought her make-up from home she'd be her friend. This is the same girl who told on Taylor for having nail polish. Remember, these conniving, deceitful witches are only4. So she did it to become one of them.

On the way home I explained to her that if ever you have to do something that you will probably get in trouble for for someone to be your friend that they are not really your friend. I hope she learned her lesson, but my heart still breaks for her.

To add insult to injury she got up this morning with a really nasty bruise on her arm. I asked her what happened (it was a really light bruise last night that looked like it was going away not coming.) She said that D (one of the mean kids in the clique) threw her purse and she went to stop him and he accidentally hit her. I am taking a picture of this bruise tonight to show you all. It looks like someone pinched and twisted. I talked to her teacher about it this morning and she said she'd keep an eye on Taylor and talk to D's mom today. She also said that D's mom just kinda laughs stuff like this off like it's funny so she doesn't think she'll get too far, but hopefully something will be done about it.

Here is my PSA. If your child is bullying other kids do not laugh it off. There is a very sweet, tender hearted child on the other side of that bullying who is having their spirit crushed by your rude and cruel child. Hold them accountable for their actions at a young age so they don't grow to be robbers, rapists and murderers and you sit there crying saying, "There were no signs." I say yeah right, you weren't paying attention or you thought it was funny!

I have really cute pictures from the weekend and last night to post. I wasn't going to right now, but I'll post this one.

She was busy catching an ant and didn't want to stop to have her picture taken. Her "y" and "l" look a little like an H and her R needs some work, but not too shabby for having one more year before starting school. And "D" and the other mean kids have the nerve to call her stupid!


AZMom said...

Oh been there, done that...both with the sneaking stuff in (Busy Boy whose pockets and backpacks we check daily) and the bully crap (Bug was bullyed in school last year and is bullyed a bit in daycare). We have talks after talks with the kids and their parents and now Bug is finally standing up for herself. Teach Taylor to use the word NO and that is not okay and also teach her the 3 things she can do...walk away, use her words or tell a teacher. I know that is hard for them, especially at 4, but it will stick :-) Give her a big hug from me. There is nothing that gets my Irish temper going like my kids being picked on for ANY reason!

big hugs!!

My Wonderful Men said...

Oh how I remember those days in daycare.
I feel for you and Taylor.
I hope everything works out, those parents of those kids should be slapped.

Angela said...

You know I would be so mad.
I do hope something happens.
Daycare is just a hard place.

Hope the bruise goes away soon

Jen said...

I'd be furious, and I'd probably talk to the teacher about it, and possibly request a conference with the teacher and the parents of these other children. Perhaps a play date and some enforced cooperative play is in order to help some other kids break in to the clique.