Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Did I ever mention how much I enjoy the relaxing evenings with my kids that are so few and far between? Usually we are running somewhere, in a time crunch or I am playing referee. Not last night. After we left my parents we went home and they started playing. Together. Nicely. I threw in a load of laundry and picked up the odds and ends that were scattered about and needed put back in there place. Then I joined them in their play.

They were both very hyper and loud, but it was still enjoyable even though I had to continually tell them (especially Taylor) to settle down and quit bouncing off the walls. Callee wore her self out by 7:30 and was in bed. After that I took the dog outside and cut her nails and then Taylor assisted me in giving her a bath (she stood from afar telling the dog how good she was doing so she wouldn't get splashed.) After that it was bed time where Taylor watched Finding Nemo and never once got out of bed, this NEVER happens!

It was such a good night with my girls and I am really keeping my fingers crossed that tonight will be the same way except I will get in bed a little earlier. I was enjoying the peace and quiet a little too much and time seemed to just get away from me. That has been happening a lot lately, but I guess I just really need that quiet time to myself in the evenings.

Look out for my wordless wednesday tomorrow it is especially for Kellan.


Shana said...

It does sound like a nice night.

What kind of dog do you have?


Katy said...

I'm glad you had a good night. I can't believe it, but since you made your blog private, it doesn't show up in my blog reader anymore... I thought you weren't posting! Suddenly it occured to me today what really must be happening. I'm so far behind, and I didn't even know it!!! Time to catch up.

By the way, I did get your e-mail today. I am TERRIBLY far behind on my e-mails--I'm so sorry! But I will get back to you tonight or tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!