Monday, August 25, 2008

Peeing in Cheerios

This was Steph's comments from Friday's post: Ouch who peed in your cheerios =) I hate that your blog doesn't update on my google anymore I feel like I keep missing stuff I promise to be better.

You people take peeing in Cheerios a little too serious! Lol.

Anyways, last Monday our part time girl's boyfriend got into a motorcycle accident. She left work early to go up to the hospital. When she left I told her that if she wasn't going to be able to make it in on Wednesday she needed to let me know by 4:00 on Tuesday because I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday that I could cancel if she called by 4. It was no big deal, but I wasn't going to cancel it if I didn't have to. I texted her at 2 to see how everything was going and I got no response until 6:30 that said she wouldn't be able to make it in on Wednesday that I needed to figure something out. Of course I was mad. I made a simple request that gave you over 24 hours to call me and you didn't have the decency to do that? I called her back and told her she had to be there at least from 2:30 - 5 or she could call the other part time girl who wasn't scheduled to work and see if she could come in. The part that really set me over the edge is not only did she want me to make that call for her, but she also wanted me to call our boss to report her off. This was all because "she didn't have time." I think it's because she knew he'd be mad because he all ready knew the background.

It got covered by the other part time girl so no big deal or so I thought. She comes in Friday with a chip on her shoulder and acting really strange making snide comments here and there. I asked her repeatedly if there was something on her mind she wanted to discuss to which she kept saying no, but kept making her little comments. I got irritated and wrote the post. I left Friday irritated, but was not going to let it ruin my weekend so I went home and did have a great weekend with my family.

Monday I come in to an e-mail from my boss explaining an e-mail he got from her saying how hurt she was about the way the situation was handled. Because she thinks she was treated unfairly because she called a little late, etc. My boss handled it very well and just wanted me to be aware of it, but not to bring it up unless she did, which she didn't. She was in a much better mood, but I have a problem with the fact that she was hurt for several reasons. I am going to list 3 here as my way of venting, but really it got covered, it was nothing against you so get over it.

The reasons I have such a problem with it is 1) Callee had RSV in March of '07. I called my boss at 11:00 at night to get things covered and explain that my 7 month old was in the hospital, etc. You couldn't walk away from your boyfriend who was at home for 2 minutes to call me or text me before 4:00 to let me know so it didn't become a problem? 2) When I went to the ER last month with that headache I gave Mike my phone and explained to him that I needed him to call not only her, but my boss to have my hours covered and let them know what was going on. I thought my head was going to explode, it's called responsibility and priorities, get some. 3) Last summer Mike's grandma died. Her funeral was on a Friday and my boss was out of town and she was scheduled till 3 so she could go home and pack to leave to go out of town at 5. I asked her on Thursday afternoon to please stay until 5 so I didn't have to come in after the funeral and her reply was, I won't have time to pack before I go then, so I'm sorry, but I can't. I had to come in and work for those 2 hours and leave my husband with our children so I could finish the work day. I was tempted to quit then and in hindsight I should have.

She has a reason to be hurt? Give me a break. Maybe I'm just being too hard on her, but I don't think there is any reason for her to be hurt and I think she needs to suck it up before things around here get really hard for her.

That is who peed in my cheerios all over an immature spoiled brat. I'm done being irritated about it because it's not worth it and she'll either get over it or she'll quit. Either way it won't be my problem anymore.

I hope my week continues to go as fast as yesterday went because I am really looking forward to my 3 day weekend. Have a good week.


Kristi said...

I have missed so much of your blogs. Did you go private and I missed it?

My Wonderful Men said...

I get it now.

I totally understand where you are coming from. It sounds like you are a lot like me when it comes to work and priorities. I get tried of hearing from workers - I can't make it in I have a bad cold, just not feeling well or my dog has the runs what ever stupid excuse they come up with. I can count on one hand how many times I've called or should I say not called off because I don't do it, half dead, just had surgery what ever I'm here. Maybe because no can do my job go figure.

Most people come to work to collect a pay check and that's it! Which is really sad, because I wish they cared about this company they way I did, but I know it's hard when your name is not on the door. If they only knew what it took to run this place they would care because they would realize how easy or how quickly things can turn and one day those doors can close. That's why people have to care about the company they work for, but most people can't grasp that concept.

Hope your week get better.

Steph said...

Ok now it all makes sense and see like I said someone did piss in your cheerios~ :) and you did a good job venting about it! I totally would have felt the same way some folks need to grow up and take some responsibility! Have a great long weekend.

OHmommy said...

I dont think you are being hard on her at all.

Have a great long weekend and hope you get a break. ;)

Mimi's Toes said...

Your co-worker just sounds imature and should have respected you enough to call. I'm in a job situation where we cover one another, so there is respect there. You had a right to be upset with her. I believe in team work and getting along by respecting one another's feelings and time off when needed.

AZMom said...

You have every right to be ticked at her. She sounds very childish and immature. I hope in time you can find a job you love. :-)

How are your headaches now? Are the meds working?

Jess T said...

Bratpants! Her, not you. We are rowing in the same boat, sister. :) I get so frustrated with people at work sometimes for their silliness (meaning: laziness). :) Maybe you should pee in her cheerios, literally. No, wait, that might be frowned upon. Damn it! :)

Angela said...

Work drama stinks.

Glad Taylor didn't break her elbow