Monday, July 7, 2008

weekend wrap up - Pic heavy!

We had a really busy weekend, but it was nice and despite the illnesses we all had a good time.

We'll start with Thursday after work. I took Callee to Immediate Care and the doctor didn't have a clue what was wrong with her. By the time I picked her up from my mom's house, her rash had spread down her legs and onto the tops of her feet. It still didn't seem to bother her, if just really looked bad. She was scratching her face a little bit, but that was the only part that seemed to bother her even a little bit. He ruled out a heat rash, an allergic reaction, hand, foot and mouth disease, chicken pox, and measles. He did tell me it wasn't contagious though, I don't know how he knew that, but didn't know what it was. We still don't know what it was, but it is finally starting to go away.
Here are some goofy pictures from Thursday night:
I don't know what Taylor said to Callee, but Callee thought it was hilarious!
Callee getting sleepy just relaxing with her daddy!

Taylor is one goofy child. I love that contagious smile though!

Friday we went to my uncles house for a picnic. My cousin walked in with her 5 month old baby who has a rash on her face that looks exactly like Callee's. It had started that morning and by the time we left the picnic it had spread down her belly and back. Whatever it is is apparently going around, but no one knows what it is. We had a good time at my uncles, but he has a pool and me being the mean mom that I am wouldn't let my kids in it. I didn't want Callee's rash getting worse because of a reaction to the chemicals in the pool. Also, I didn't want Taylor swimming and then feeling pretty down the rest of the day when she seemed to be on the mend. Not being allowed in the water didn't seem to bother either one of them. Taylor played up on the deck, but I only had to tell her a couple of times that she was too close. Callee didn't even seem to notice that there was a pool there at all. While we were at the picnic the heat irritated Callee's rash so Mike didn't know if we should take her to fireworks. They stayed home while Taylor and I went to the fireworks. Ten minutes into the fireworks Taylor fell asleep and I ended up carrying her most of the way back to the car. My back was killing me on Saturday morning.

I love this picture of Mike and Taylor:Here is a picture of Callee and her cousin A. A is 13 days older than Callee so it is really cute to watch them play together. Callee must have thought she needed a head massage.
Saturday we had my cousin Zack's open house. Meet Zack:

A lot of my family from my dad's side lives out of town now. Zack's brother DJ is the one in the Navy that is Taylor's boyfriend and my cousin Drew came home from Colorado 8 days ago. Last time Drew was home I was just about ready to pop with Callee. I did get to see Drew last weekend by "right time, right place," and DJ came over on Monday to see the girls. I have a couple more that didn't make it up this weekend, but they'll be here this week and we are having another get together for everyone on Tuesday evening. One comes in Tuesday afternoon, one comes in today, Drew leaves on Wednesday and unfortunately, DJ went back yesterday. It was so good to see everyone and we all really had a good time.

Here are some pictures of Saturday:

Taylor looking on:I love Callee's expression:CJ posing:Casia looking cute:Meet Drew. He and I were very close growing up and even though he lives in Colorado now and we are all grown up, I still love him and consider him a close friend.DJ, not wanting his picture taken:Michael!Even Pap got out of the nursing home for a little while. He wasn't happy to go back and he let it be known when DJ and Mike took him back. Heartbreaking!

I think that's enough for today. We didn't do too much on Sunday and now it is Monday again. Uggghhh...hopefully this week goes kinda quickly!


Mimi's Toes said...

Wow, you were very busy. That rash sounds like prickly heat. That is weird that the baby had it too. I know it is always a mystery when our kids get a rash. Your girls love that camera...They look like twins.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

looks like you guys had a fun family get together. and loooove the pics

KC said...

Sounds like a great weekend Courtney, Love all the picture..
Now I don't know why the doctors didn't mention this to you.. but Callie's rash sounds to me like Fifth disease. Heat always makes that worse the pool would have helped it by cooling her off and keeping it from being so red.
Now if it is Fifth's it can spread, but not when you have the rash.. once the rash shows up it's not contagious anymore. It's a virus that can be passed along in kids but most people don't even know they have it till the rash shows up but the rash is an after effect of the virus so you can't pass it along at that point. Mr Man and Sweet Pea had it two summers ago, it never did get passed on to Little Man or Princess.
Thanks for playing along and linking up over at my site today. :)

Janice said...

Sounded Busy and fun.

Steph said...

So you like my legs huh???? LOL

Looks like you captured the weekend in pictures, I love when I do that, it makes for an easier post on Monday! Glad Calle is feeling better strange that no one really knew what it was.

AZMom said...

You said she had a fever and then a rash right? It sounds like Fifths disease. Busy Boy had it at the age of 2. It is not contagious once you get the rash though. It's contagious when they have the fever. At any rate, I am hoping she is feeling better!

Sounds like a very busy weekend! Happy belated 4th!

Angela said...

Glad you had a great timewith friends and family.

Rashes can be a bit scary
Hopefully everyone stays healthy this week

Kellan said...

Alexis got a weird rash last week - really weird and I think it was from the pool chemicals.

Great pictures! Your girls are so cute! SEe you soon - Kellan