Friday, July 18, 2008

15 year meme

There isn't a whole lot going on today. I did talk to Lacey the other day and got some things out in the open. I'll write more about it when I see how things go. In the mean time Kristi has tagged me for a very interesting meme that I think will be very hard to answer. The meme was about how you would describe yourself to someone whom you haven't seen in fifteen years. You are allowed ten bullets with which to update your life.
Let's think, 15 years ago was 1993 and I was in 7th grade? I was 12 years old. Holy cow so much has changed since then so let's get started.
  1. I graduated high school. Sometimes I thought I wouldn't, but I did it. I got out of my hated public school and ended up going to a Christian private school that I absolutely loved!

  2. I went to YSU for two years and didn't finish my degree, but met a lot of great people. One of them I still keep in contact with all the time and consider one of my best friends. Three others I talk to occasionally, but love and cherish the crazy times we had together.

  3. I dated on and off, nothing too serious and ended up marrying the best person I could have for me. I am content with my life and really wouldn't change too much (if anything) about it.

  4. I have two kids now. Two beautiful little girls who capture my heart daily and still amaze me with the new things they learn daily.

  5. I am finally at a decent place financially. I didn't marry a rich guy like I had always hoped and dreamed, but we are okay financially. We did struggle for years, but I am hoping from this point forward it will all be good things.

  6. I am still very close to my family just like I always have been. Both of my parents are still alive and I now have one niece and one nephew.

  7. I did go back to school after having my oldest daughter and got my degree. I am not using my Accounting degree, instead I am an office manager for a health insurance brokerage.

  8. I am very happy with my life. I am doing well and overall just very happy!

I can't think of two more so there you have it. Now I tag Amy, Rhonda, and KC


AZMom said...

Very cool. A neat little synopsis for those of us who only know you through the blog :-)

Kellan said...

Hi Courtney - Thanks for inviting me to your "private" blog - why have you made your blog private now? What's going on? I hope everything is okay. I'm still in SF - I will talk to you soon - Kellan

my wonderful men... said...

Girl you know I not good with these things.

I always love to read yours.


Kristi said...

Thanks for playing along and for inviting me back to your blog. I have been thinking about going private lately as well.

melissa said...

i never finished college either. nor did i marry a wealthy guy, like i had hoped. but...WHATEVER, right?
thanks for the invite here, honey!!!