Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday Weekend

My weekend was long and my birthday was terrible, but it's over now so I'll tell you about what we did.

We got up and I took Taylor to dance while Mike stayed home with Callee (she wasn't feeling well.) After dance the girls took naps and then we headed to a friends birthday party. Then we headed home for some relaxation.

Mike and I went to the Indians game for my birthday with my parents, sister, and my best friend. The Indians lost in 10 innings, but it was a good game and we had fun. We had amazing seats. I took lots of pictures, but my camera is at home so you'll have to wait till tomorrow for the pics. When we got back Mike went to his dads to get the girls and I baked a cake for Monday. Taylor decided she was staying at her papa's house so Mike, Callee and I hung out for a while and then we all went to bed. It was a very long and exhausting day.

Mike let me sleep in for a little while and then I was woken up by being cracked in the nose by a sippy cup (I still have a mark.) This put me in a bad mood instantly and I was annoyed for the rest of the morning. Mike went to pick Taylor up at his dads and I hung out with the nose breaker for a while. Taylor came home with a birthday card she had made me while at her papa's house (very sweet) and then the girls laid down for a nap. I woke Taylor up to give her a bath and get ready to go to my aunt's house for a picnic. I told Taylor to be sure not to let the dog out and to get in the car. Wouldn't you know the dog got out and jumped into the car right in the middle of the cake I had made for this picnic. I was irate! I also was sick so this was "the icing on the cake" except the dog had taken the icing off the cake. After we put the girls to bed Mike and I watched 27 dresses...very good movie. I loved it!

It is now Tuesday and I am back at work. Next weekend is Taylor's dance recital so the weekend should be better. Callee is feeling a little better, but her cough still sounds terrible. Her fever has broken though so that's a plus. I hope everyone has a good week, I know mine is going to be!


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Shana said...

Well, my plan was to send you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY e-mail yesterday but I have been sick with some sort of head cold ick and I forgot! But Happy Birthday to one of my best blogging friends!!!!!!! :o)

I hate the sippy cup to the nose pain. But it is better then the head butt to the nose...lol!!!

Janice said...

Well damn, I hate it when I get a smack in the nose to wake up. Sorry you had such a crappy b-day. And that darn dog with all the icing. UGH

I have a nephew who shares your b-day, he turned 12. Last year and this year all he wanted was to be able to run a 5k (3.1 miles) so he did, both years.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

well happy birthday and sorry you had a long frusterating weekend. Hopefully this next one will be better :)

Steph said...

I am so sorry you had a not so great weekend. Hopefully the rest of this week will be better. Happy Belated Birthday to you!

Kellan said...

Happy Birthday - I'm sorry about the cake and the dog and the nose - I'd have not been happy either.

Have a good evening - see you soon - Kellan

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AZMom said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Okay, I know it was not funny at the time but the dog jumping in on the cake had me LOL'g. I could totally see my dog doing something like that too. Don't hate me, k?

Hope you are feeling better and that Callee's cough is gone soon!

KC said...

I can't beleive I'm a week behind on your blog... I"m so sorry about that, just been crazy busy like always(this is why the title of my blog it was this time of year that I started it)
Happy Belated birthday to you.