Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NYC Trip

The New York trip was great for the most part and I had a ton of fun. We didn't have time to do a lot of stuff so I'd like to go back sometime soon. The day we were supposed to visit the Statue of Liberty was very foggy so no ferry's were making the trip. Instead of writing about everything individually I'll just share some of the pictures with you. I do want to mention we saw Lion King on Broadway and it was excellent. That alone was worth the trip!

St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was monstrous and beautiful:

The life sized lego man: The Big Piano from the movie Big with Tom Hanks:

The fountain and statue that lines the ice skating rink in Rockafeller Center:

Ground Zero where they have just begun rebuilding:

The next two pictures are from the John Lennon part of Central Park known as Strawberry Fields:

King Kong shrubs from Edward Scissorhands:
One of the ferris wheel cars inside the Toys R Us. We didn't have time to ride it:(
The Statue of Liberty guy that wanted $5 to take his picture (that was after I got this one). When we tried he covered his face with those flags:

We ate at the Stardust Diner the first night we were in town. This is one of the singing/dancing waiters that entertained us.


Kristi said...

I never really wanted to visit NYC before but now looking at your pictures makes me think it might be a fun trip someday. I would love to see the piano from Big.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i haven't been to nyc in years!! i think i was in my late teens, early 20's!
i'm glad you had so much fun! thanks for sharing the pictures!

Angela said...

Sounds like a great trip.
I would have started talking to the lego man and thought he was a real person. Then thought he was rude for not answering.

So many things you listed I would love to have done. I am planing on going sometime.


girlymom said...

I would love to go to NYC sometime, it looks like you had a great time!

Kathy said...

wow, you sure saw alot! How funny about the statue man!

Sharon said...

It seems so exciting, I would love to visit sometime.

my wonderful men... said...

I haven't been to NY since Kean was about 2yrs. old

HRH said...

How cool! Looks like you hit some of the best places.

Jen said...

WOW! I would love to take that trip. I hope someday I can. Looks like a great time!