Monday, March 10, 2008

weekend wrap up

I don't know about everyone else, but my weekend was fun and flew by. Must have been that hour we lost due to daylight savings.

We had some family come in over the weekend and they stayed at my aunt's. Friday night we braved the elements and ventured over there to see them. We visited with her and her family (including 3 boys) and then headed home very carefully.

Saturday we got up and Taylor's dance had been cancelled (thank goodness) and so we started to clean the house. We tag teamed it and conquered our room and various other things. You may think that doesn't sound too bad, but I wish I would have taken before and after pictures because yes it was that bad. But, it's done now and hopefully will stay done for quite a while. I braved the elements again on Saturday and went grocery shopping. While I was gone my dad came and picked Taylor up to go sled riding, then she spent a glorious night with her grandparents and cousins.

Church was cancelled on Sunday due to the 12 inches of snow we got Friday and Saturday. I went to my grandma's to pick Taylor up and ate while I was there. After we finished eating my dad came to get Casia and Taylor to go back out sled riding. Callee wanted to go too so I took her home to get her boots and mittens and to layer her good and then we met my dad and the other kids to do some sledding. My dad was a great sport in taking her. Callee went down twice but was very content to sit and watch the other crazy kids go up and down that hill. Taylor started throwing fits so we decided to call it a day and head home.

When we got home, Taylor fell asleep on the couch until dinner time and then ended up in bed at 7 because of her behavior. We had to wake her at 8 this morning because Callee had a doctor appointment for the well check she should have had 2 months ago. While at the doctors office Callee threw up so I'm now waiting to see if it is the flu or if she just got too hot because she wasn't running a fever so I'm not sure. That was my weekend and I am really praying she was just too hot.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too.

I just realized I haven't taken or posted any pictures lately. I'll have to do that.


Janice said...

We so better be done getting snow here. It was a nice 50 degrees today... Hip Hip Horray

suchsimplepleasures said...

sorry you got bombarded with snow!! don't you think that winter is tired of the midwest already? i mean, this is ridiculous already!!

Angela said...

I am quite glad we have no snow. I am ready for spring. My weekend went quite fast too.

Jen said...

We haven't had snow here for awhile, thank goodness! We had a pretty lackadaisical weekend, nothing really exciting.

Kellan said...

I won't even tell you how hot it is supposed to be this weekend here - let me just say, we won't be sledding. It sounds so fun to me - sledding or even just watching the kids sled! I'm glad you had a good weekend - have a good day too! See you later. Kellan

AZMom said...

I miss the snow!! :-) Hope Taylor does not have the flu and is much better today!

Sounds like a great weekend!