Thursday, March 27, 2008 sickness

March has not been my family's month that's for sure. Callee's cold seems to be staying that, just a cold and thank goodness for that. Taylor however, woke up at about 10:30 on Tuesday night crying that her throat hurt, but I still sent her to daycare yesterday (Wednesday) because when she got up that morning, she was fine and she hadn't run a fever all day. Fast forward to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday and now she's crying her ear hurts. I decide to take her to Immediate Care because she is supposed to be going out of town with my parents on Friday through the weekend. She still isn't feverish so I'm sort of second guessing myself taking her there.

She cried the entire 20 minute drive about her ear and when we got there, she just wanted to be held. We go back to triage and by this time she is starting to feel warm, but I can't tell if it's a fever or if it's from her laying on me. They take her temperature and it's 103. She has a double ear infection and a throat infection but her strep test came back negative (thank goodness.)

Here's where the dilemma comes in. Let me give you the background info first. I work in a very small office. There is G, he owns the place, S, she is a part time employee and works M-W-F and goes to college full time. L, she is our other part time employee and is still in high school. She works T-Th.

Mike is on day turn this week so he couldn't stay home with Tay and she obviously couldn't go to daycare. G is out of town for vacation, L is also out of town on vacation and S has school all day. That leaves only me to be at the office all day. I couldn't report off so I either had to bring her or pretty much get fired. I'll probably get in trouble for bringing her when he finds out, but I really had no other choice. I am a mother first and I always will be a mother first. And trust me, we'd both rather be at home then leave her couped up here in boredom. Just say a quick prayer that I don't get in too much trouble for this, but really I didn't know what else to do.


One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Surely he will understand that you had no choice. Hopefully she will feel better soon.


Kathy said...

I think you made the best choice! I hope she feels better real quick. One of my favorite clinics has a small break room with a small TV and dvd player. Sick little ones can curl up in there in a sleeping bag and watch movies while the mommy works. No employee takes advantage of it and it helps everyone. Let us know how the boss dealt with it.
And I think your Mom and Dad must love their Grandkids lots! I hope she can still go with them.
I keep up with your blog Courtney but my tempermental 'up in the booneys' internet connection is limiting my blogging and my comments... Hugs!

MandyPoo said...

Jeez, if you get in trouble over this then your boss must not have kids!!!

my wonderful men... said...

Man we need to really pray for summer to come and that sickness leave your home. All winter you all have been fighting something.

Love the pictures below, you picked so really good ones.

Angela said...

You have to do what you have to do.
Those sweet little angels of yours come first. This is one of the hard parts about going to work.
Get well all of you.

Oh I answered your question.

AZMom said...

Oh I hope he is understanding about it. It's not like you had any other choice! Major prayers that all goes well. I hope she is feeling better soon!

HRH said...

You did more then I would have so hopefully they can be grateful instead of upset. It must be really hard on days like that. Hope she feels better soon.

Ris said...

everything go ok at work? Your daughter feeling any better?

Skittle said...

I would think with everyone else gone it should be fine. I hope it all worked out & that she is feeling better.

KC said...

I'm not caught up with my blog reading yet, but wanted to let you know you have been tagged.. if you want to play along stop by my blog. I'll be back sometime soon to get caught up.. hope your all well soon.