Monday, March 31, 2008

I think I said Boo sickness! Soooo...Leave!!!

Friday was a very uneventful day at work. My boss is still out of town and will be until Wednesday so the uneventfulness is welcomed. When I left work Friday Mike, me, and Callee went to my parent's house. My brother had invited some friends from church over for pizza, games, etc. and invited us too. We had a good time until out of nowhere Callee starts looking a little sick. About 30 minutes later she grabs her ear and starts screaming! I decide just to take her to Immediate Care since it was about 8 p.m. and the doctor wouldn't be open in the morning. Yes folks it's another kid with an ear infection!

Saturday we wake up and Callee seems fine and since we only have one kid for the weekend we decide to run some errands and take her out to lunch. We do all that and then we took her home to give her a nap. When she got up we went back to my parents so Mike and Josh could finish their season in football that they had started. We then proceeded to go home to put Callee to bed so we could go to church in the morning and Mike and I rented a movie.

As we were going to bed Callee wakes up with a 105 degree fever and a terrible cough. She is also having a hard time breathing and sounds like Darth Vader when she does. I called my sister to have her listen to her breathe and tell me if she thought it could wait until morning or take her to ER tonight. After we talked about it, I decided to wait until morning and just have her sleep by me and if it got worse take her in the middle of the night. She was fine and I took her when we woke up. Turns out that Callee has croup now too. She received two shots while we were there. One of steroids to help open her breathing up and one of antibiotics because her ear infection was getting worse and she needed a stronger antibiotic.

When we got up this morning she still had a 102.2 degree fever and when I called to make her follow up appointment with her ped they asked if she still had a fever. I told them that she did and they said they wanted to see her today at 12:50 so keep your fingers crossed. I have all ready spent $150 in doctor visits and prescriptions since Weds. so please pray this is nearing the end before I go bankrupt. I'll keep you all updated.

UPDATE: Callee still has a pretty bad ear infection so he gave her another antibiotic. Hopefully this works because if her fever isn't gone by Thursday she has to go have blood work done. I have faith it will break by then and she'll be on the mend.


Jess T said...

That's the worst! Sorry. :(

Kellan said...

Oh Man - I'm so sorry they are so sick! I hope the fever breaks and she doesn't have to go in for more tests- poor thing. I hope they get better soon!!

Nice to see you Courtney - I have missed you. Take care and take care of those sweet girls. I'll see you soon - Kellan

KC said...

UGH UGH UGH.. poor little thing and poor mom.. I do hope everyone gets well and stays well for you soon... We have done the one person sick after the other after the other after the other just to have it run though the family again for months.. Never any fun..

my wonderful men... said...

Wow! 105 fevers can be scary. I hope Callee is feeling better.

I'll say a prayer for her.