Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another question

I am only going to answer one question today because I am feeling lazy. Not sure why, just tired and run down; I think it's because I am ready for spring and woke up to more snow...ugggg.

So I was asked by Simple Pleasures what are some of my guilty pleasures? My biggest one which won't seem much to some is Cherry Coke. I am totally addicted to it. It is worse than cigarettes if I don't get one when I need it. Not too long ago when I started out on my weight loss journey I cut way back on it and went through withdrawals, but it never got any easier so I went right back to it. I lost 6 pounds in those two weeks though so I really wish I had the will power to "quit." I have not gone back to drinking as much as I used to so I haven't gained all the weight back I just think about the weight I could lose if I stopped all together.

Another guilty pleasure, anything salty. Chips, pretzels etc. I love salty stuff, not much of a sweets person though. This is exactly why I am at a stand still for weight loss again; I do so good for so long and then I have a week or two where I eat what I want (ex: potato chips) in moderation. I never gain so that's good, but I don't lose either and I feel stuck!!! It's a vicious circle.

Update: If I change my name, my url will stay the same.


Ris said...

You know about the good stuff! I am also completely addicted to salt! Dump it all over everything, esp tortilla chips. That's one thing I cannot give up. And what goes well with salt? A good coke. ;-)

Angela said...

I love sweet and salty together.
Have you ever had the icecream that had chocolatecovered pretzles in it? YUM

I think I need a soda

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Im not a fan of cherry coke...but I do love vanilla!!!!

AZMom said...

LOL You sound like me! I LOVE Cherry coke especially if it is fountain made and salty things are my guilty pleasure too!

Have a great Easter. :0)

HRH said...

I love cherry coke and Dr. Pepper. I know it is wrong, but really, do they have to make them taste so good?