Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All about being a mom

Kellan has asked me what is the best thing about being a mom as well as, what is the hardest thing about being a mom so I think I will answer these together today.

I find it extremely hard to deal with the sickness of a child; not because they are whiny and I don't want to deal with it (although by day 3 that's how I feel), but because they are so helpless and in pain. I want to take it away from them instead of watching them suffer.

I also am not a very patient person so I find it difficult to calm down and think before I react so I start yelling like a wild banshee. This has happened more often than not lately because of Taylor's behavior and I think we may just go back to that sticker chart she loved so much. I have been praying for patience and trying to work on it, but so far I'm still very short fused; hopefully soon this will change.

The best thing about being a mom? There are a million of these, but I'll pick just a few.

When I nursed as a first time mom I loved the feeling I got when they would be eating and look up at you with such admiration as if to say "Thank you, I was starving!" I love the spontaneous kisses and hugs and I love yous. I love the outing days when they are so happy to go somewhere they've never been and they talk about it for weeks like we went on a cruise (see post "Some More?" ).

The one thing I look forward to as a mother (sorry add on) is when they are almost adults (15 - 17 ish) and I look at them with pride and know that my hard work has paid off and that they will be a wonderful functioning part of society. That will be one of my greatest joys; even though I don't want it to come too soon.

I love the ages they are now even though they are both testing their boundaries and it is a current battle of the wills in our household. Please readers, leave a comment and tell me what you like most or what you find the hardest part of being a mom.


Ris said...

Hi there! My fav thing about being a mom in general is the unconditional love I feel for these kiddos! And nothing feels better than that love being reciprocated. My current fav things are: 1. Hearing my son laugh and learn new words. He learns a new one every day and it is SO much fun! 2. Having my baby girl asleep on my chest. Nothing better than snuggling with a newborn! My current least fav things are toddler tantrums and nighttime colic. It's all short term though. I love being their mom!

my wonderful men... said...

Wow! I had a lot of reading to do.
I thought I was keeping up with blogging but I guess not.

Anyway, being a mom not always easy but rewarding. I have to say when you get to 15-17 yrs old it's going to be happy but sad, I know. I miss the age your girls are so much, if I could turn back the clock I would.

KC said...

I love this post Courtney.. You can tell you are a great mom.

HRH said...

Getting through the day is hard some days. Not taking it personally if they all act horridly like they were raised by wolves instead of me.

Things that make it worthwhile is getting through the day with everyone intact. And taking it personally when they act like the little gentlemen they were raised to be by ME! Yeah. It could happen...

Kellan said...

Great answers Courtney! I do love the little ones, but they are so fun when they reach their teens. I think you will so enjoy having girls in their teens - it's a lot of fun!

Have a good evening - see you soon - Kellan

Laura said...

This is beautiful. Really beautiful. Being at a rough spot I must say one of the toughest things is seeing them through their grief.