Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Warning: long post ahead

I didn't get to post about my weekend because I wanted to do that meme. There was a lot going on and I did take some pics but I have forgotten my camera for the second day in a row to upload the photos.

Girlymom has done a 100 thing challenge. She gave us a list of 100 things to do to lift our spirits during this dreary time of year. I decided I wanted to do this, but I was going to spread it out over a few weekends. This past weekend we painted nails a pretty pink color which is #80 on the list. I also cheered for the underdog because I so desperately wanted the Giants to win the Superbowl and they did. That was #65! I will post the pictures of the nails tomorrow.

Also this weekend I managed to accomplish part of my New Year's resolution of living healthier. I am very proud of myself because this particular part I have resolved every year and have never achieved it. I did it this time! Yea for me!!!

So I have to tell you about the nail painting party we had. Taylor has been asking me to paint her nails for about a week now, but she always would ask at bedtime so I told her to ask me earlier the next day and I would. She always asks at bedtime until Thursday night and wouldn't you know, I can't find any of my nail polish! I felt bad and told her we'd go to the store and buy some on Friday. I forgot to go buy some so I just stole (borrowed) some from my mom. We went home to paint nails and Taylor begged her Uncle Josh to come so she could paint his toes! He did and he let her paint his nails.

At first he told me I couldn't take a picture because he didn't want me to post it here and I told him it only made him look like the wonderful uncle he is. He still said no pictures! Then when she finished and I dropped the picture subject he told me I could take pics, but by then I didn't want to get up to get my camera and take them. So no pictures of his toes! Sorry I'm stubborn like that, you don't want to do it on my terms, then we won't do it!

It took forever to get this nail polish off of his toes and I don't even know if it is off yet. Taylor only put one coat on, but she put it on soooo thick! He'll probably never let her do that again. Thank goodness it was only one foot.

Next victim, Mike! He let her do both feet and he didn't even bother trying to take it off. He said noone will see his feet anyways, but when she asked to do his fingers, he said no because people can see those and guys at work will never let him live it down. Once again, no pictures because they'd be posted on my blog. I explained to him too that it just shows what a good dad he is and he said, no because I am just making fun of him!

I tried to tell him I wasn't and the reason for this blog was to one day give the girls copies of it on a CD to read when they are older. Hopefully they will have answers to some parenting questions and if not, they will just have some great memories jotted down for them. It will probably explain why I am crazy too and then, after reading, they will understand! He then said I could take pictures, but... you guessed it. Old stubborn said forget it!

Here is one more story about Mike. Saturday was a very bad day for me. I was moody, irritated and irrational. I went to my parents house, alone, and then I decided to go to a cousin of mine's birthday party that I originally said I wasn't going to go to. When I got home with the girls about 4 hours later, my entire house was clean and the laundry was done and folded. How sweet is that? I felt much better after that and loved him that much more for it. Isn't he the sweetest? I know you are all jealous...

So people, for the record I want everyone to know that on this blog I am in no way making fun of my family. What I write about Mike I either find hysterical, sweet, or romantic and I'd love to convey how sweet my husband is to the world! If I make fun of anyone on here, it's usually me, I think at least. I love my husband very much, but if he thinks I am making fun of him, I'll either have to stop talking about him completely, which will be very hard to do or I'll have to end this blog.

But lets end on a semi-happy, funny note. Taylor talks about having a big sister all the time and we try to explain to her that she will never have a big sister, she is the big sister. While we were watching the Superbowl she explains that when she is older she is going to have a big sister. I again try to tell her she will NEVER have a big sister, she IS the big sister. She says, "No, I am going to have a baby in my belly & it will be a big sister & then I will have another baby and she will be the baby sister." So then I understood, but my 3 going on 15 child says, (imagine the most amount of attitude one person can have when saying this) do you get it now mom? Do you finally understand? Yes honey, I do, but now I feel like the dumbest person ever so thanks!

That was my wonderful weekend, how was yours?

***Edited: I just talked to Mike and he says he now understands, so I can keep blogging! Maybe I'll set it to private that way noone else can read what a horrible wife I am! I'll have to think on that and if anyone knows how to do that, let me know.


girlymom said...

Oh~ You can't end your blog, you aren't a horrible wife either, I didn't think you were making fun of him. It just sounds like a normal everyday around here. Your nail coloring actually reminds me of when my cousins painted my Uncles toes when he was sleeping. Growing up I thought this was soo cool and so funny because my Uncle is this HUGE manly man truck driver and they painted them hot pink! He was fine with it and I thought that was so cool. My dad said no and has ticklish toes so I never had to chance to try this out. Sounds like you have a very sincere Hubby who saw you having a bad day and knew just what to do to brighten it up.

The Roaming Southerner said...

Too bad you can't post those pink-man toe pics. I tell my husband that those stories or pics that he doesn't want posted just show what a great guy he is...he often thinks I am making fun of him too. So silly! Thanks for sharing

Kellan said...

You better not ever end your blog - nope!!! We know that you love your family and husband and we love hearing about all of them!!!! I love the nail polishing story - it is just precious!!! I also loved the "big sister" story - too cute!! Have a great afternoon Courtney - see you later! Kellan

KC said...

NO NO NO.. don't end your blog..
but if you want to go private I could tell ya how.. but then you have to invite me as a reader LOL.. PLUS it wouldn't be as much fun :)

The painting nails sounds like a blast... don't you love when your preschooler makes sure you get it now, DUH mom.. come on... LOL :)

HRH said...

what a sweet husband. hes a keeper. your girls are keepers too...so cute.

AZMom said...

Uncle and your husband are the greatest men for letting your daughter paint their toe nails! As wonderful as my husband is (most days) I am not sure he would let our daughter do it. Bug has been begging to have me repaint her nails too and she always asks at bedtime as well. Must be a girl thing!

If you take this blog private, I hope you will invite me to read. Your blog is one of my favs. I don't think you need to though. We all have moments in our lives that are not perfect and our families are not perfect and it is perfectly okay to blog about those times too!

my wonderful men... said...

I think it's hard for other to understand when we blog about them. I think the stories are wonderful fun family stories you write. My family has the same problem at times.

Kathy said...

This one's for Mike,
I have never understood Courtney to be making fun of you at all. From her writing, I picture you as a very sweet man, fun sense of humor, adored Daddy, and one heck of a great husband. She loves ya and it shows!
You have a lovely wife and family!