Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How do you come up with your child's nickname?

Taylor has always been called an angel. My dad started it the minute she was born and it's stuck. I called her peanut because she was so small she just looked like a little peanut, especially compared to all the other kids my friends were having (they were huge!) Angel stuck and occasionally I still call her peanut, but for the most part, that nickname is no more.

Callee, on the other hand, my dad has always called her a queen. Again, I'm not sure why he just does. I have always called her a monkey. When she was born, she had all this wild and crazy dark hair that was everywhere, with big eyes, a beady little nose and because she was a preemie, she never had a chance to lose all her body hair in the womb. She pretty much looked like this:
Okay, maybe not that much hair, but you get the point. The older she gets, the more deserving of that monkey nickname she is. She climbed before she walked and now, if you are holding her and she doesn't want put down, she just wraps her little monkey legs around your waist and holds on for dear life. Her toes curl to hold on to things and help her gain balance like monkey's do and the list goes on and on. So for anyone wondering, that is how Callee became known as a monkey and for a while there it was a chunky monkey!

I am having problems uploading more than one photo in an hour so when I get done uploading all the photos of Taylor's room, I'll post that too. Hopefully it will be today.


KC said...

I don't really remember how all my kids ended up with there nicknames. but there pet names such as Princess, Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man. were names I just started calling them from the time they were little and laying in my arms.
Hearing that you can only load one photo per hour is making me feel better.. I thought it was my computer. my end of year post took me about 30 minutes to type out and then 20 hours to load the photos. I thought something had happend to my computer. Then today I tried to do a wordless wednesday post and tried for about 20 minutes and the photo still wouldn't load so I just gave up.

Kellan said...

I wish we had come up with a cute nick name for my son (as he is Billy Jr.), but we didn't and now we call him Little Billy and I hate it - it will just be rediculous when he gets to be 40 years old. I call Alexis "Miss Muffet", but only I call her that and sometimes I call her "Tweety Bird" - none of my kids really have nick names. Have a good day. See you later. Kellan

Mimi's Toes said...

Cute nicknames. My daughter, Steph, was called "Teffer" by my dad. My grampa called me Rhonda Catfish, don't ask me why.
By the way, I gave away my prime rib cause I don't like the looks of that cut of meat. I don't really eat much meat, other than chicken....I'm really picky...

Laura said...

My kids got their nicknames from moments of mushy mominess on my part. Nicole was Pumpkinbutt from birth... I don't know but that's what I've always called her. James has been variations of buddha-belly, buddha-butt, bubbaloo, bubba, bug, bugman, or boo...whatever I feel like at the moment.