Monday, December 3, 2007

Haircuts and Championships

Our weekend was fine. There wasn't too much that happened except Ohio State made it to the National Championship game and Callee got her hair cut.

Callee got her hair cut up to her shoulders. It looks so cute on her and I plan on posting pictures of it tomorrow. I didn't get any good ones this weekend so hopefully she'll cooperate a little more tonight. I decided to keep her hair short because she has so many layers in her hair and I was just going to cut it when her shortest layer was down to her shoulder, but then Taylor cried hysterically when she got her hair cut. I thought it was a better option to keep it short and then let it grow to save her the trauma I put Taylor through. It looks cute and sassy!

Next up is Ohio State made it into the National Championship game. We only needed one of two teams to lose, but they both choked and here we go playing neither of them, but instead LSU. This seems a little unfair because the championship game is in New Orleans, so it will be like another home game for LSU. I just hope OSU can get into the game and come out on top!

As you can see, I have nothing to post, but thanks for listening to me ramble (see meme below!)


Shana said...

GO BUCKS!!! We were so happy to watch those teams!!! And you are right about LSU and it being a home game for them. :( But that is OK OSU can beat them at home or away!!

my wonderful men... said...

I can't wait to see the hair cut pictures.

I like Ohio, I'm glad they WON!