Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Am I right?

We have been trying to get Taylor to sleep upstairs for a while now. The room the girls currently share is too small to put a real bed in and she is now too long for her toddler bed. We could put bunk beds in there, but Callee is too small for a bed yet so we couldn't take her bed out to make room for the bunk beds. Taylor has not wanted to sleep upstairs so for the past week, she has slept on the floor in her room. I have asked her every night if she would like to sleep upstairs in the bed set up for her instead, but she always politely declines. I feel bad for her, but she can't sleep in our bed so she'd rather sleep on the floor. I told Mike Sunday night that we were going to have to make room in their room for her bed even if it meant moving the dressers out into the hallway until Callee's bed could be moved out and we could move the bunk beds in.

Last night Taylor came to me about a half an hour before bed time and asked me what her choices were. I asked her choices for what? She asked where she could sleep, so I told her in her bed or upstairs in the big bed. She told me she'd like to sleep upstairs. When it was bed time, I took her upstairs, read her a book, and said her prayers and I told her not to get out of bed. I didn't hear a peep from her so I took a shower and when Mike got home I told him she was sleeping upstairs. He asked if she had gotten up and I told him no so we went up to check on her.
There my baby was, not such a baby anymore, sound asleep in her big girl bed not fearing a thing off in dream land. I'm not so sure I am ready for this and Mike definitely is not because he decided to sleep on the air mattress in the other room in case she woke up scared or needed anything. We finally got what we want and now I'm wondering, is this what I wanted? I know it is best because now she isn't sleeping on the floor and is much more comfortable, but I hate that she is on a different floor than us. Also, Callee woke Taylor up every morning so I think this will help with her grouchiness. I just hope we made the right decision.


MrsGrumpy said...

It's funny how that works out. The encouraging them to grow and become confident little people...all the while wanting to hold them back.

Jess T said...

Mrs. G's right. :) It is a tough transition. We recently went through it with Syd. We had a set back recently, but I think we are back on track. :)