Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WW-Pajama Party Pictures

I know it's supposed to be wordless, but does the furniture in the pics look green or blue? Let me know what you think please.


My Wonder-ful Men... said...

Three silly monkey's, very cute!

My Wonder-ful Men... said...

Oh, I forgot to answer about the color of the furniture duh!

I would say it looks grayish-blue.
With the green blanket in the first one it does bring out some green. Tough one. Is this a trick question??

The Stevens Family said...

It is not a trick question, Mike, my mom, Taylor and I fight over what color it is. I thought I'd throw it out to the blog world and see the results I get. I'll let you know who thinks what. Hint: Mike and my mom think one and Taylor and I think the other.

Someone's color blind.

KC said...

I would say green from the picture, but you can never tell in a picture. I have a navy couch and in pictures it can look anything from green, blue, black or brown.

Shana said...

I am going to have to go with green. And I love the way Taylor always strikes a pose. Fun pictures this week! :o)