Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mike's birthday present

This is Mike's birthday present:

He has been asking for a big screen TV for a while now and I kept saying no. This one was brought to my attention a week prior to his birthday for a VERY good price so I couldn't pass it up. He seems to like it and since my sister and her kids have moved in, it gives them a TV upstairs also. I'm thinking this should make everyone happy.

Also, Mike got a card in the mail from his grandma and two checks inside. It was a mystery why the two checks were inside until he read the note. In case you can't see it, it says:

"Courtney - Oops!! Please forgive me - I realized when I was doing Mike's check that I missed your birthday - Better late than never! Sorry again - Nancie"

Mike was like, it's my birthday and I'm hardly mentioned by my own grandma, no she centers the card around you and even wrote you a note. All it says to him is Michael - Lots of Love! Grandma. He was cracking me up and I even got a check on his birthday! My birthday was 6 months ago so you see how worried I was about the check!

I just wanted to share that small, but funny story with you all and his gift. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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